Customer Reviews: Severn Sunlight

Customer Reviews: Severn Sunlight from Dunster House

Finding the ideal Log Cabin for your garden can be difficult but, with our large range of sizes available, we make it that much easier for you. Just look at Laura Henson-Wood’s Log Cabin. She created one that fits her garden perfectly, giving her lots of internal space for her friends and family to relax in whilst leaving plenty of room in the garden for her children to play. Laura has opted for the Severn Sunlight meaning she has extra large panes of glass in her windows and doors. These are not there simply for aesthetic reasons, although they do let plenty of sunlight in, but are made from 4mm toughened glass. This means that, if the ball accidentally hits the windows and doors, Laura doesn’t have to worry about it breaking.

Customer Reviews: Severn Sunlight from Dunster House

Here’s what Laura had to say

We are a family that loves to entertain an have friends and family over for BBQ’s or drinks, we’ve added our cabin as a room to sit and relax or watch a movie in. Weve also added a sofa bed of any friends who dont want to leave after a party !!

We ordered our cabin online and had a phone call just a couple of days later to arrange a delivery date that was well within the 3 week window and when it arrived the delivery drivers were wonderful and offered advice on construction ( they both had cabins of there own at home and you could tell that they really enjoyed them). Since having our cabin 2 friends have ordered as they were so impressed with it.

The assembly was easy and went together very quickly and everything fitted perfectly. If our budget had allowed we would have gone for the thicker walls and the insulation on floor and roof as it would have been a real investment but we are happy with the standard we have. We are looking forward to spending lots of time enjoying this space. 

Customer Reviews: Severn Sunlight from Dunster House


I love the large, very comfortable looking, sofas which are ideal for entertaining large groups of people or – if you’re anything like me – falling asleep on whilst watching a movie. Laura has chosen to add a projector, rather than a TV screen, turning the cabin into a fantastic home cinema. With the BBQ fired up outside, cooking some amazing food, and a few friends enjoying drinks and a movie inside – its the ultimate venue for entertaining.

Customer Reviews: Severn Sunlight from Dunster House
The PremiumPlus Severn Sunlight W5.0m x D3.0m starts from just £2,117.99. To order yours today, and make your summer the most sociable yet, visit our website. Or you can call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you could fill in a request form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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August 8, 2016

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