Customer Reviews: Shed of Words by Catherine Yaffe

Cutomer Reviews Lantera Log Cabin Dunster House

As you all know we love to hear back from customers, this is no exception! Here’s our latest entry in our customer reviews.

Catherine Yaffe has been blogging for a while, specifically over at Tales from the Shed of Words where she has been documenting her search for the perfect place to write. Luckily for us, Catherine chose one of our log cabins to be her creative retreat and agreed to write a little something about her experience for our blog.

Here’s the condensed version of Catherine’s experience.

If you’d like to read more, head over to Tales from the Shed of Words and have a read!


Cutomer Reviews Lantera Log Cabin Dunster House

Catherine’s Lantera 350 Log Cabin with additional door.

When Dingles Den started to lean, it was decided that the decrepit, asbestos riddled garage and wonky shed would have to go. It also coincided with my search for office space, and we’d already dismissed having a house extension built so I turned to the internet to see what I could find. It was my partner that first suggested a log cabin, s

o my search resulted in finding Dunster House.

We took a trip to their Flixborough showroom the following Saturday, and had a look around. The land we had was quite large which meant we had a broad range to choose from. From the word go I fell in love with the Lantera 350.

Lots of work in preparation of my cabin 

I liked its clean lines and that it didn’t look very office like. We thought it would fit in perfectly with the surroundings. I was very lucky that I was able to choose a bespoke build. Which included insulation in both the floor and roof as well as choosing to have a dividing wall and an additional exterior door to use as storage. We talked through the various options in the showroom with Damien, who was really knowledgeable and was really able to put my mind to rest.

Cutomer Reviews Lantera Log Cabin Dunster House

The unloading of the lorry has begun!

The only downside was having to wait 6 weeks for delivery! During that time there was a lot to do. I had taken a chance on not ordering the RapidPads – the recommended Dunster House foundation system – as the ground looked fairly level however I could have saved myself a few sleepless nights if I had have done!

Shortly after ordering, a whole ream of paperwork arrived through the post, reassuringly detailed in the purchase, delivery and installation of the cabin. I duly signed and returned the necessary forms though I confess. We did ask the builder who had taken down the garage to go over them with me. I wanted to make sure that the plot was wide enough, and level enough. I didn’t want anything to halt the build!

The day had finally arrived

When the day finally came I was up at the crack of dawn, I sat patiently waiting for the wagon to arrive. The Despatch Department at Dunster House had said that the guys would be leaving their Scunthorpe depot at 7:30am so they should be with me by 9am by my calculations. Sure enough, at a few minutes after 9am they arrived. I knew it would be a 2 day build so I had engineered my working day so that I would be on hand to make the teas and coffees as and when needed.

Cutomer Reviews Lantera Log Cabin Dunster House

Even the cat wants to know what’s going on!

I was so impressed with the two joiners, George and Jake. By the end of the first day there was a distinguishable shed like shape in the back garden!

Day 2

Saw the final pieces go into place, including the roof. I had chosen an apex roof with black shingles for the finish. Once that had been hammered into place the only thing that remained was the floor.

Finally, at the end of the second day I had the bare bones of a garden office. Jake, the team leader walked me round the finished cabin to make sure I was happy with it all. It goes without saying that I was more than pleased, I was over the moon.

Three long weeks 

We were so lucky with the weather. Thankfully that continued for the next 2 days whilst the Shed of Words was stained and weather protected. Purchased from Dunster House.

Cutomer Reviews Lantera Log Cabin Dunster House

Catherine’s new workspace

I’ve been working from the Shed of Words for 3 weeks now and I love her! It’s the attention to detail that I find fascinating. Adjustable storm braces, sculpted Georgian bars for the windows. In addition to toughened double glazing and secure locks on all the windows and doors. The list goes on!

Throughout the whole process Dunster House were attentive, reassuring, knowledgeable and are clearly a business that knows what it is doing! I couldn’t be happier and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is on the search for a log cabin. Whatever it’s purpose.

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