Customer Reviews: Sophie Victorian Candy Cart

Customer Reviews Victorian Candy Cart

Our Sophie Victorian Candy Cart is so versatile, as our customer reviews of the Candy Cart show. We have seen it used as a sweet cart, a wedding cake stand, a festival and now as a feature on a Dickensian Christmas weekend. Doesn’t it look fantastic?

Customer Reviews Victorian Candy CartHere’s what our customer said

 I bought the cart as I wanted to use it to display confectionery which I make. On the 5th of December 2014, my parents were having a Dickensian night in there village of Reedness near Goole.

I took my cart with Christmas cakes, chocolate cup cakes and mince pies. We all dressed up in the period costume and it was a very successful night.  I now plan to start my own business using my cart.  I was over the moon with it, we made some adjustments re the lower part we made a frame to make the lower part stronger so we can take the top part off for transporting in our trailer. The top slides back on and is locked in place. The apex of the roof we put piece of angled beading on top just to finish it off.

Customer Reviews Victorian Candy Cart

At the Dickensian evening the comments were fantastic on how it looked and that it looked really old.

Thank you so much I think the design of the cart is lovely.

Customer Reviews Victorian Candy Cart


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July 20, 2015

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