Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Tarian W5.5m x D3.0m

Customer Reviews: Tarian Log Cabin Dunster House

It’s not often we get an entry to our Customer Reviews section as sweet as this one! Nicola Hicks has purchased one of our PremiumPlus Tarian Log Cabins and converted it into her workspace but, its not just a normal workspace, its a fully functional bakery where Nicola can use her Log Cabin to create wonderful cakes for her business, That Cake Lady! She certainly is pleased with her Log Cabin and we can see why:

Customer Reviews: Tarian Log Cabin Dunster House

Here’s what Nicola said:

I just wanted to show you photos of my finished cabin. It’s a Tarian (5.5 x 3m) and was bought with the intention of making it into a kitchen to run my cake business from. That Cake Lady. Ordering was simple and any queries we had were dealt with straight away. Delivery was fantastic, a wet day in the summer, but a 3 man delivery which was not rushed and methodical and everything was explained.

My dad and father in law built the cabin. I went out at 11am and it was about 1m high, by 3pm is was full height! The roof was straight forward and took a couple of days. It’s been fitted out with an Ikea kitchen complete with 2 ovens, a fridge, sink with under-counter water heater, a plinth heater and various lights! It’s enabled us to get our family kitchen back and stopped cake paraphernalia from taking over the house! It will also┬ábe perfect for cake consultations. It’s incredibly warm and cosy, I’m sat in it now as I type this!

Customer Reviews: Tarian Log Cabin Dunster HouseWhether you work in a creative role like Nicola or any other role, our Log Cabins and Garden Offices offer a luxurious space to focus away from the home. This not only clears up space in the home but saves you money on renting accommodation, travel and other bills. Therefore giving you more money to invest. Lock up at 5pm and go be home, with your family, by 5.01 – heaven!

Customer Reviews: Tarian Log Cabin Dunster House

Customer Reviews: Tarian Log Cabin Dunster House Customer Reviews: Tarian Log Cabin Dunster House


December 4, 2015

  • Hi there I was very interested in this story however I was wondering if the cake lady could give me an estimate on how much the unit cost to fit out. I also have a cake company in Scotland and just wondered how much the total was for it fully fitted and installed.


    • Hi Becky,

      I will speak to The Cake Lady to see if she’ll supply me with this information – no promises though!

      Thank you,

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