Customer Reviews: Trent Garage with Metal Roof

Customer Reviews: Trent Garage from Dunster House

I am always a little anxious when leaving my car parked out the front of my mum’s house. It’s not that she lives in a bad neighborhood but I have to park on the kerbside leaving my car exposed to being hit by a flying stone, a stray ball kicked by over excited children or – as my mum found out – a car misjudging the space they have and clipping her car.

Dave didn’t have to worry about this as he had a concrete garage in his back garden but it was an eyesore.

Customer Reviews

He had worked tirelessly on his garden; designing a layout, growing plants, endless maintenance and generally spending a lot of his time and effort making it look great. He knew he needed a new one but he wanted to make sure his car would be as secure as it was in his pre existing garage. He turned to our website and found the Trent Garage.

Very pleased overall with Dunster House and the quality of the garage. The erection and delivery team were all very professional and the garage looks superb. I would be quite happy to let anyone who wishes to buy a timber garage come and visit me with prior warning and view the completion of this project.

Customer Reviews: Trent Garage from Dunster House


The Trent Garage features 45mm thick tongue and groove spruce timber which interlocks to create a safe, secure Log Cabin to store your car or tools in. The security doesn’t stop there – the glass in the windows and doors (along the side of the cabin) are 14mm thick, insulating your cabin and deterring any unwanted visitors from getting access to your car.

Customer Reviews: Trent Garage from Dunster House

*The Trent W3.0m x D5.5m inc metal door starts from just £3,089.99. To order your Garage today, visit our website  or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can fill in a request form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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September 12, 2016

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