Customer Reviews: Valerie Summerhouse

Customer Reviews Valerie Summerhouse Dunster House

I can’t decide if I am happy or sad following the latest of our customer reviews. The Valerie Summerhouse looks stunning in Robin Newhouse’s garden and, from the review, they are very happy with their summerhouse. However, looking at the sun soaked building in their idyllic garden makes me want to be at home. Not in the office.

Here’s what Robi had to say

My wife has wanted a Conservatory in her garden for longer than I can remember. The only problem was a suitable location to catch the evening sun. Up to now this problem was insurmountable as no party of the house was in the right place at the right time!.

One day we had a brainwave. A Summerhouse located in the right part of the garden would do the trick. Now the problem was finding one of the right size to fit in with our existing landscaping and garden layout. So after researching on the web in the Spring we came across the Dunster House website, travelled to the showroom in Wellingborough and met “Valery” the first time!

After making preparations for our new arrival ….”Valery” is our saviour and came to our rescue just a couple of months ago, and we are delighted! Our neighbours all love the new colours of Cornish Cream and Mendip Mist. To make our Valery a little different, we left out the ‘dividers’ in the windows, and painted part of the interior white. Very happy with our purchase and our thanks to the Team at Dunster House for solving our Conservatory problem!


Customer Reviews Valerie Summerhouse Dunster House

The Valerie Summerhouse, W2.2m x D1.9m, is painted with Mendip Mist treatment and Cornish Cream trims for the doors and windows. At time of publication, the Summerhouse inc treatment and shingles would be approx £1,199.99 exc delivery. To purchase one of these stunning Summerhouses, visit our website (direct link here) or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.


May 29, 2015

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