Customer Reviews: Vantage 250 Summerhouse

Customer Reviews Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House

Another fantastic entry to our Customer Reviews section from a happy customer who, although has certainly brightened my day, has also made me very jealous. Ray’s Summerhouse looks fabulous in his garden. It’s in the ideal space to catch the sun throughout the day.

“Lovely Summerhouse which is constructed of a very high quality. Very impressed with the service given from Dunster house. The two guys that came to erect it were professional and friendly. Overall we are very pleased and comes highly recommended.”

Painted in our gorgeous Dove Grey treatment, the Summerhouse really stands out against the rich gorgeous greens of Rays garden which he has obviously spent a lot of time and effort on. The Vantage 250 Summerhouse provides plenty of space for you to sit and enjoy some rare downtime.

Customer Reviews Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House Customer Reviews Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House

*Vantage 250 W2.5m x D2.1m is £1,534.99. To purchase this Summerhouse today and make the most of your garden, visit our website or call 01234 272 445 to speak to our sales team. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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September 17, 2015

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