Customer Reviews: Vantage 350 Summerhouse

Customer Reviews: Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House

This is why I love the customer reviews section on our blog – because I get to see spectacular images like this! Just look at Simon’s garden, it looks so good that I can feel my stresses melting away simply by looking at it. He wanted a space to enjoy his garden, and quite rightly so after all the work he has put into it, so opted for our Vantage 350 Summerhouse. The hexagonal Summerhouse gives him a charming, stylish space where he can step away from the stress of running a house and simply relax – whether howling winds or bright sunshine!

Customer Reviews: Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House

“Good Quality Product, delivered on time. I’m a Carpenter so easy to construct, but still within the capabilities of a competent person. Took me a day and a half to erect the building and a day for shingles. Longest job was the decorating but pleasant in the sunshine. Overall a very good experience. Highly Recommended”

Customer Reviews: Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House

At less than 2.5m tall, the Vantage Summerhouse can be placed anywhere within Simons garden. He has used this advantage, strategically placing his Summerhouse so the three 16mm wall panels are backed against the border line and the large panes of 4mm toughened glass give him an unobstructed view of his garden.

Vantage 350 Summerhouse W3.5m x D3.0m starts from £1,475.99. To order your Summerhouse, visit our website ( or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.  To submit your picture and review to our customer reviews section, get in touch via email (, visit the product page on our website and click add review or find us onFacebookTwitterGoogle + and Pinterest.

July 16, 2016

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