Customer reviews: Vantage 350 Summerhouse

Summerhouse Vantage Dunster HouseYou guys aren’t letting the darker skies affect how you relax in the evenings if Jim and Jan Palmers pictures are anything to go by. They added a Vantage 350 Summerhouse to the end of their garden; giving them a warm, dry space to enjoy the garden they’ve worked so hard on throughout the year.

“Overall we were extremely impressed with the accuracy of all the cut items. The ease with which the building went together and the value for money of the product. We are extremely delighted with the summer house and it exceeds expectations. It was also a pleasure to deal with your company. All staff that we had contact with were very helpful. To sum up that we are extremely happy with my purchase I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others”

As practical as it is beautiful, the sculpted Georgian Bars give the Summerhouse a parisian feel. The large window pane are made from toughened glass. Thus, making them resistant to breaks and scratches if a stray football or stone hits them. Throughout the day the large windows let in plenty of sunlight. When the nighttime chill sets in, Jim and Jan simply shut the doors for a warm, cosy place to spend their evenings!

Summerhouse Vantage Dunster House

*Vantage 350 Summerhouse W3.5m x D3.0m is £1,864.99

October 30, 2015

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