Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Severn W5.0m x D4.0m

Customer Reviews Severn Log Cabin Dunster House

The latest entry to our customer reviews section is Matt Woodwards ‘Super Shed’. In fact, its not a shed, it’s a Log Cabin but it is super. Choosing to add the PremiumPlus Severn W5.0m x D4.0m Log Cabin to his garden, Matt has opened up his garden, making use of the space all year round rather than being controlled by the elements. Looking at the images Matt has sent in to us, work and play are combined perfectly. 

We are very pleased with our “super-shed” it’s added genuine, usable space to our home for a growing family. Dunster House were great throughout the sales and installation process, the standard of materials used in construction and the workmanship on assembly is really good. With a base and electrical work it has ended up being a substantial investment for us but worth every penny.

Looking for a great garden log cabin? Look no further. Our PremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin has it all, space, style and comfort. With ample internal room for the perfect man cave, studio or garden office to plan world domination, the possibilities are endless. Traditional style roof still allows for the tallest of owners while still complying with planning permission. With the choice of wall insulation you can utilise your cabin all year round. 

Customer Reviews Severn Log Cabin Dunster House Customer Reviews Severn Log Cabin Dunster House

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