How to decorate your Cecilia Arbour

Cecilia Arbour Decor Dunster House

So we have told you the technical information about the beautiful Cecilia Arbour, but what to do with it once it is in your garden. Do you leave it to stand proud on its own?  Put lights on it? Climbing plants, if so which ones? The possibilities are endless so we thought we would give you a few tips.

Here’s how to decorate your Cecilia arbour

Cecilia Arbour Decor Dunster HouseClimbing Plants:

With three trellised panels, climbing plants may seem like the most obvious choice, creating amazing scents to help you relax well into the evening.
Climbing plants can quickly grow out of control if not maintained correctly, something that you do not want.

Climbing plants such as Hydrangea ‘Petiolaris’ are low maintenance, require a part shaded area and will quickly provide you with white lace cap flowers. They will only need a little pruning to keep them in the shape you want. As the vines are quite thick and richly coloured, the winter frost quickly transforms them into a magical looking plant.

You can go one step further and grow edible climbing plants on your trellis. Sit back and relax as the smell of the cinnamon vine fills the air or ensure you have fresh fruit daily by growing strawberries, blackberries or even Kiwi through your trellis.

Cecilia Arbour Decor Dunster HouseLights:

Another decorative idea for your arbour is fairy lights. These come in a multitude of sizes, colours, styles and most of them are battery operated meaning you will not run up any electricity bills. Spend the day watching the world go by and then sit back and relax in the warm glow of ambient lighting as night descends.

Simply wrap the lights around the trellis in the garden, or purchase net lights for a sheet of light. You can decide whether to place the wires on the inside of the arbour, so only you can see them and not the neighbours or to place them on the outside where you can’t see them and you can just relax with the light surrounding you. Personally, we would choose the latter but it is up to you.



Cecilia Arbour Decor Dunster HouseStand alone:

This is a valid option, some garden furniture just speak for themselves, and do not need decoration to enhance them.

Our Cecilia Arbour definitely speaks for itself. With its smooth curved chair, rich pressure treated colour and elegant design. Your neighbours will be green with envy when they see these.

Sit back and relax in style as the night draws in. The clear trellised background will allow a cool breeze to blow through your haven.

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August 12, 2014

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