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Garden Office Dunster House

Garden Office Dunster HouseWorking from home is a big step, not to be taken lightly. It takes discipline, hard work and the ability to think on your feet without the support network you would find in an office. However, you are free from the stress of the commute, office politics and any distractions that may deter you from working.
Working alone can provide you with amazing opportunities and allows you to really take control and set the tone of your company. No longer will you have to confine yourself to the drab style that your old office had, this is a blank canvas for you to start from.

Ensure you have a plan in mind before buying. The last thing we want is for you to buy a Garden Office, spend your precious time building it, only to find out that you actually need a bigger one! Spend some time really evaluating what your business needs and work from there.
Space will not be an issue. The smallest of our Garden Office range is the Alexander MKII which is 3.2m x 3.2m (approximately 10.4 ft x 10.4ft) providing you with plenty of space to design your office. The ceiling height is approximately 6” 9’ so even the tallest amongst you will not need to duck. The additional space allows you to place tall, narrow bookcases in to maximize your storage without your office becoming too cluttered.

The layout and decoration of your office says a lot about you and your business. As stated above, you can be a lot more creative with how you decorate your office when you work from home, however, you should be careful if you are going to be hosting conference calls on Skype. Office can be spectacularly boring; change handles on draws for something fun and funky. Use your imagination with your storage and be creative, especially if it ties into your business. It’s your space. Only you will have to work here regularly, so go crazy!

Make sure you have enough stationary and stock in your office. You do not want to be in the middle of a meeting and not have the equipment needed; it does not project the image of professionalism to your clients.  Make sure they are all tucked away neatly so your office is always ready for surprise visits from guests.

All our offices are fitted with electrical ports, although are not connected to the electrics, meaning you will have even light distribution. With our huge windows letting the sunlight stream in, along with giving you an inspirational view, you won’t need to use your lights that often.

Below are just a few of the beautiful Garden Offices we offer, why not start your home working journey today by visiting our website:

November 12, 2014

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