Decorating inspiration: Log Cabins

Decorating Inspiration Log Cabin Dunster House

Our social media pages are frequently inundated with requests regarding decorating the interior of Log Cabins. Customers spend hours scrolling through magazines and internet pages for inspiration and can often become overwhelmed by the amount of different ideas there are on the internet. With this in mind, we want to show you the Log Cabins in our show gardens, to provide you with a few ideas.

Decorating Inspiration Log Cabin Dunster HouseThe social room
The first Log Cabin is decorated to provide the perfect relaxation zone. Fitted with a beautiful, handcrafted deluxe Log Bar (available from just £379.99) to wow your guests, this self standing unit allows you to have a few drinks after work without having to battle with noisy crowds and music that is too loud.
If you are having a few friends round or are celebrating a special occasion you can always move down the cabin to the seating area. With a cabin big enough to fit three sofa’s in, there will be plenty of seating for everyone. The positioning of the interior decorations such as photo frames, flowers and clock help to elongate this room, making the room look even bigger than it actually is.



The relaxation roomDecorating Inspiration Log Cabin Dunster House
With cleverly placed bookcases full of the latest best sellers, and a CD player filling the cabin with your favourite music, this cabin is the place to be if you want to unwind peacefully after a long day at work. As you can see, kids will not bea problem as there is plenty of room for toys to keep them entertained. Why not sit on the sofa and spend some quality time with members of your family, away from the distractions of television, internet and the latest apps on their phone. Make a pot of tea and just sit enjoying each others company.






Decorating Inspiration Log Cabin Dunster HouseThe Gym bunny
Want to work out without worrying about queueing for the machines or running into somewhen when you are looking far from your best? Maybe you just don’t have time to make the regular commute to the gym. Our Log Cabin floors are strong enough to withstand the weight of the exercise machines, weights and anything else that you may want to install. There will be no excuse to miss the gym again if it is right on your doorstep, exercise your way with no rules or restrictions.



The next big thingDecorating Inspiration Log Cabin Dunster House
Practice your singing or play your musical instrument without the worry of noise complaints from neighbours, police or your own family. Our thick timber walls will reduce the noise coming from the cabin so you can crank it up a notch. Once you have perfected your sound, the installed sofa provides space for your relatives to come and listen, helping to expel stage fright. Worry your garden is too small for a full sized cabin? This stunning music room is set up inside a corner Log Cabin.
Decorating Inspiration Log Cabin Dunster HouseThe games room
Everyone needs a games room in their home. A place where they can competively socialise with their friends or family whilst surrounded by all the comforts of your home. Our Log Cabin can comfortably fit a poker table, dart board, pool table and somewhere to rest your drinks – there is still space for more games if you think of some. Why not cook some food, stock the fridge (or install a mini fridge) with ice cold drinks and get ready to invite everyone round to a games night.


October 16, 2014

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