Decorating your Log Cabin

Decorating Log Cabin Dunster House

Thanks to our Great British Garden Retreat competition entries, we have been thinking a lot about your Log Cabins. With our slow grown spruce timber light in colour and low in knots, we were quite content with it having nothing on the walls and furniture installed – until that is, we saw what you have done.

For customers, buying a Log Cabin is a huge deal, so they want to ensure it is right for them and represents them fully. We have seen these converted into shops, offices, hobby rooms, places of rest or just used simply as a Log Cabin. Before you start, ask yourself these simple questions:

What am I using it for?

This is the single most important question you will ask yourself.  What you are using your log cabin for is instrumental in how you decorate it.  Is it a place where you will work, but no clients will see? Does it need to exhibit of your work? Are you using it for work or as a place of rest and relaxation?
By sitting down and asking yourself the above questions, you will start to mentally shape the inside of your Log Cabin.

Decorating Log Cabin Dunster HouseColour

We personally don’t think you need to paint the cabin, the rich colour speaks for itself, but if you feel that you would like a different colour then ensure it is light. Light colours depict open, airy rooms with loads of space whereas rich colours are notoriously known for making a place seem smaller.

If you choose to use a dark colour, why not have a statement wall? One wall painted in the colour of your choice with the rest painted in a neutral colour such as white, light blue, ivory etc. We love what Donna did with her salon (pictured left); with a bright colour on the dividing wall, ivory walls elsewhere and the clever use of accessories, Donna made her cabin perfectly eye-catching.


Decorating Log Cabin Dunster House
You don’t want your furniture to overwhelm your cabin, we have seen some amazing transformations with just a few statement pieces of furniture.  If you are going for a warm look, choose rich colours on your furniture such as terracotta, dark brown etc, and of course you have to have a recliner for curling up on when the weather turns.

If you are planning to have people come and stay then you may want to invest in a futon – don’t worry about a pull out bed damaging the floor, ours come thick enough to withstand it.

David Quinn had just a few simple, cream coloured, pieces of furniture in his Log Cabin. (pictured right) It made a huge impact. So much so that he came second in our GBGR competition. He was also featured in local press, the one thing he reiterated was that he had a plan for how the inside of his cabin should look.

Decorating Log Cabin Dunster HouseIf you are using your Log Cabin as an office

Just because it is an office, does not mean it has to be boring. There are many reasons to work from home, one of them being self employed. Regardless, the office should represent you. Ensure it has personality with your choice of decoration and placement.

Feel free to place those vacation photos on your wall, have post it notes stuck all over the place. IOr your favourite inspirational quote on the wall. However don’t over do it. A cluttered office will simply look disorganized and messy to any clients that comes to the office.

Jason Ash turned his log cabin into an office and exercise studio so his space dedicated to the ‘office aspect’ was limited. With clever use of colour and space, it works really well.

August 14, 2014

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