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If you look on our Facebook page, you’ll see that we often post pictures of our customers Garden Buildings, Structures and Climbing Frames. This isn’t to brag, maybe a little, but to inspire you. We know that choosing how to decorate your Log Cabin is similar to staring at a blank page – it can be hard to get started until motivation suddenly hits you. In a further attempt to help you visualise what your garden can become, we dress the buildings in our show garden so that you can step inside and have a clear view of the space available and how to best utilise it.

Let’s start with the exterior of the building. people are naturally very visual, there eyes will be drawn to the exterior style of the Garden building, if you have purchased a Pressure Treated Garden Building then you will have an elegant rich mahogany coloured Garden Building that will not need any further treatment.

Check out our customer’s garden buildings and how they decorated them.

However, if you have purchased one of our untreated Garden Buildings then it is very important to apply treatment to protect your building against rot and infestation and ensure your Log Cabins longevity. We make a conscious effort to try and make your decisions easier, with this in mind we offer 4 tiers of treatment; standard, Premium, PremiumPlus and Block Treatment. These are a mix of solvent and water based treatments that come in a range of colours: from Light Brown to Dove Grey, Cornish Cream to Heritage Blue – they all offer protection, it is down to your personal choice and preference.

Decoration Ideas Log Cabins Dunster HouseWhether you are intending to use your Garden Building as a family retreat where you can unwind or you are going to use it as a space to truly indulge in your hobbie, your choice of building should represent this.

If you are using it as a craft space, you’ll need to focus on storage so your Log Cabin doesn’t become too cluttered whereas if you are intending to have young children running around, space will be a major factor for you.

Sharon Long uses her Log Cabin as a crafting paradise where she can escape from the pressures that come with daily life. As you can see, the Log Cabin she chose provides her with enough space to store everything she needs but without it becoming overly cramped.

Webster Family

Decoration Ideas Log Cabins Dunster HouseWe know that being part of a family, whether an adult or child, can be stressful and at time everyone needs there space. The Webster Family experienced this first hand when their children started to become teenagers, jumping in puddles and sharing ice cream was replaced with gadgets and hushed conversations with friends.


They purchased a PremiumPlus Drew Log Cabin, not exactly large, but just enough for it to be an interesting place for their children and friends to relax in. They placed a sofa, lamp, shelves and curtains in there before decorating it with fairy lights. Very quickly it became a place where late night sleepovers would be held or lazy weekends reading.

David Clarkes

Decoration Ideas Log Cabins Dunster HouseTruly showing that each cabin is decorated differently, we are guaranteed to smile when we see images of David Clarkes Log Cabin. The walls of the Cabin are full of inspirational quotes, all of which follow a certain theme – friends and family.

The cabin is decorated neutrally so both males and females can enjoy it. Also, its ideal for both romantic nights in watching a movie under the covers with a partner. Or as a place to bring the family together and let chaos ensue.

The furniture inside the Log Cabin allows the Cabin to appear cosy without looking like a bomb exploded. We love the personal touches dotted around the room. Showing that the Cabin is home to a family who like to spend a lot of time together.

We know that our cabins are not just used recreationally a lot of our customers purchase them Decoration Ideas Log Cabins Dunster Houseas places of work as well and, from the pictures we receive, these are a great success with your clients. Our Garden Offices speak for themselves thanks to the seamless interior and deep brown exterior, they simply scream style.

Emma Bowskill

As with our Log Cabins, we have seen our Garden Offices transformed into completely different things. Such as photo studios, art galleries and then there is a very colourful nursery. Emma Bowskill converted her garden office into a space for her child minding business. Allowing her to fully separate her home and work life.

The use of bright colours, posters and signs make it look like a classroom you’d find in school. These are all removable when needed so Emma has left her options open in terms of decoration. We are very impressed.

Chris Partridge’s office 

Decoration Ideas Log Cabins Dunster HouseWhereas Chris Partridge, winner of our Great British Garden Retreat competition, demonstrates the perfect mix of work and play with his office.

The luxurious building perfectly combines both professional and relaxed décor. With large comfortable seats to unwind in and a pool table for use when you need to take a break.


The rich, deep brown of the furniture compliment the cream walls perfectly without being overwhelming. You can physically feel yourself relaxing as you look at these pictures.

Donna Salts’ decorating ideas

Decoration Ideas Log Cabins Dunster House

Of course, our Log Cabins make good home offices too, as Donna Salts salon cabin shows. The gorgeous Log Cabin has pink flushes that brighten up the room. They really stand out against the white walls.

The extension on the Log Cabin allows for a massage and beauty room and allows Donna to host multiple clients.

The Log Cabin easily reaches. In some cases, beats the quality salons that you would find on busy high streets. However, it  allows Donna to build relationships with her clients and give them personal experiences. Ensuring positive reviews.

However you choose to design your home office, make sure that it represents your business. It will be the first thing potential clients see.

We are always available to answer any questions you have. Whether they are technical or about design, feel free to contact us by commenting below 🙂

March 21, 2015

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