Lantera 350 Log Cabin

Log Cabin Lantera Dunster House

A giant thank you to Mr and Mrs Clark for these images of their Lantera Log Cabin. It caused quite a lot of interest with followers of our Facebook page!

Log Cabin Lantera Dunster House

The Clark’s have had an amazing garden redesign, with the ever popular Deluxe Lantera 350 Log Cabin strategically placed at the end of their garden as you see on the picture.

Log Cabin Lantera Dunster House

Once you’ve taken in the view the Lantera 350┬ábecomes a cocoon you never want to leave! The Clark’s have created what looks like a comfortable place to relax with a book or film. Also perfect please to hide away and entertain friends.

Log Cabin Lantera Dunster HouseLog Cabin Lantera Dunster House

October 15, 2013

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