Donating a Log Cabin to Goldington Green Academy

Goldington Green Academy Dunster House Log Cabin

Goldington Green Academy Dunster House Log Cabin




Last week we were invited to visit primary school Goldington Green Academy to see how the Log Cabin we donated was used.

When we arrived, we simply couldn’t believe what we saw, it was more spectacular then we could have imagined.

The Severn Log Cabin fondly named ‘many harts’ after the many hearts of the children and their love of arts and crafts allows the students to study their lessons, both extracurricular and curricular, in this peaceful environment. Mrs. King, a teaching assistant whom uses the cabin to teach arts and crafts, explained how the Log Cabin has changed how the students learn: “It’s great for the children to get out of the classroom and come into the cabin. It’s a completely different environment, so peaceful and calming”

Goldington Green Academy Dunster House Log Cabin Goldington Green Academy Dunster House Log Cabin

The Log Cabin and the school itself offer a diverse range of subjects and environments to ensure that each individual student gets the most out of school. In the back of their playground, beyond the typical play area you would find in a school, there is a meshed area which keeps 2 goats, 2 rabbits and 4 chickens. The animals provide a ‘calming experience’ for the children along with teaching them about food, animal care and the cycle of life. The gardening club even made egg and cress sandwiches with cress they had grown and fresh chicken eggs.

Goldington Green Academy Dunster House Log Cabin

Mrs. Moore, Year One teacher, explains the idea behind the Log Cabin.

“We identified that not all students learn solely in the class room. A change of environment offers a different learning atmosphere. The students love it and are always very interactive”

The Log Cabin provides the students with a space for their extracurricular classes. These teach children vital skills such as sewing, vegetable growing. In addition, with a little help from the animals kept on site, the responsibilities of owning animals. Also where their food comes from.

Mike Hart-King, our Operations Manager, was more than happy to help out the school:

“Goldington Green Academy is practically on our doorstep. It was a pleasure to help out where we can.  The teachers, and students, welcomed us with such enthusiasm. I’ve heard some fantastic stories about its use already. To come here and be shown how much of an impact it has made on the students lives is a humbling experience.”

Goldington Green Academy Dunster House Log Cabin


May 1, 2015

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