Don’t let the weather dampen your party spirit!

Gazebo Dunster House

The ‘British Summer’ is being as reliable as ever, with the threat of rain tainting the days of glorious sunshine we have. So, it is hard to plan any garden party ahead of time. However, here at Dunster House, we appreciate a garden party as much as anyone else. If not more so we went and found a solution- our Gazebos.  We offer a wide range of Gazebos ensuring that you will find one to suit your needs.


Gazebo Dunster House OtteridgeThe Otteridge is a traditional, chic gazebo with balustrades enclosing the bottom half of your gazebo. You can choose to keep the top half of your gazebo open by going for the trellis option. Let your plants climb the trellis and engulf your gazebo, creating a picturesque escape for you and a good book, or friends and a cold drink.

The solid panel option offers you more protection from the seasons whilst still being able to enjoy the view. Fire up the BBQ knowing the rain will not dampen the party spirit, the smoke will simply drift away through the sides. Why not purchase our Oval Otteridge Gazebo, this is one of the larger in our range and offers you the space to have family and friends over for dinner.

Gazebo Dunster House Utopia

Utopia Gazebo

The Utopia Gazebo is available in two sizes, 2m x 2m and 3m x 3m. The Utopia design makes it ideal for placing over existing furniture meaning it will be quick and easy for you to put up.

If you want to use your garden all year round, this is the Gazebo for you. You can chose between it being completely open, half enclosed, part enclosed, completely enclosed and with or without window options.

The 2 glass, 1 full panel option encloses three sides of the Gazebo whilst still letting the light stream through. Whereas the open option ensures you get light from all sides of the garden. A great place to show off your garden! This Gazebo is the must have accessory for any lover of garden parties!

African Thatched

Gazebo Dunster House ThatchedThe stunning African Thatched Gazebos are available as a standalone product, or with decking and balustrades or the Fully Loaded option. The Fully Loaded adds to the enticing allure of the gazebos by including decking and balustrades. Along with benches, bench cushions, an internal canopy and curtains for added privacy or shielding from wind.

On some Fully Loaded models a table in included within the product.

Whilst you may not fire up the BBQ in these gazebos, you will be the talk of the town.  Why not get some lights wrapped around the balustrades to ensure your party goes on well into the night.

All of the above ranges come in various shapes and sizes, why not call our sales team who can help find you the ideal garden gazebo!

July 7, 2014

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