Don’t Let Your Shed Become An Wildlife Hostel!

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Finli 2.4m Pressure Treated Shed

Whether we’re talking about a shed, log cabin or another type of garden building, you do not want it becoming a wildlife hostel. Especially during the colder months when small rodents are looking for somewhere to hide from the cold.


Following these five easy steps will help to keep your garden building free of any unwanted mammals this winter, and will help keep your possessions free of any unwanted guests putting holes in them.

1. Block any holes that are in your garden building, even the ones in the roof. Mice and rats can and will climb up to get in! You can do this using extra pieces of wood, wire mesh or a wood seal from a local DIY shop. Small rodents have the ability to get in through holes of any size so make sure you block even the smallest of holes.


2. Don’t pile rubbish around your garden building. It may sound like an obvious one but rodents will, and do, appear when rubbish is piled up. You may not have holes in your building to start with but once they’ve started gnawing at the wood, they will be in your shed or log cabin before you know it!


3. Don’t store food in your garden building. That giant packet of dog food, or bird feed, doesn’t need to be stored in your shed does it? Storing food will attract rodents, whether it’s open or not. Try and keep food out of your garden building but if it’s extremely necessary make sure that it is elevated and that you regularly check to make sure nobody has been gnawing at the corners!


4. Clean heating or cooking items before storing them in your garden building. In theory it sounds like a silly thing, we all make sure everything is clean before we put it away. However, double check that everything is clean. Did you definitely scrub the BBQ after the last time you used it?


5. Hanging dried herbs in your garden building can help detract unwelcomed visitors. Strong smelling herbs such as mint, lavender and oregano will deter rodents from  entering your garden building, along with marigolds and garlic. If you have space around your garden building, why not create a border using these edible repellents!

November 25, 2013

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