Don’t pack away that BBQ just yet!

BB Stove Dunster House

Looking outside it is easy to understand people putting away their BBQs until next summer, allowing them to gather dust as all parties are moved inside to avoid the crisp air.  Break the mould with our Murphy BBQ stove MK2.   The additional features will all help you be the talk of the town as you throw the best winter party!

Murphy BBQ Stove

The Murphy stove comes with a stainless steel cooking pot as standard; perfect for a big batch of mulled wine to warm your guests through whilst filling the air with the sweet aroma that instantly fills everyone with festive cheer, although the cooking pot can hold up to 15 litres so maybe do not fill it all the way to the top.  If mulled wine is not something that appeals to you, the pot can be used to make chillis, soups etc to allow your guests to help themselves.  You could even warm some baguettes in the internal grill so guests have something to dip into it.

Also included as standard is a 1’1” hot plate.  This is a fantastic attachment for cooking almost any foods. Smile as your guests gaze in amazement as you become a one person kitchen. Maybe you will cook traditional BBQ food such as burgers, chicken, sausages and onions or you will go a little bit wilder with your cooking and cook a stir fry, kebab or even fresh fish on there.  The choice is up to you and your guests.

Optional Extras

Why not put a unique spin on baking with your children.  With the Pizza Oven attachment, you can make and cook pizzas in front of their very eyes.   If you feel confident in your cooking ability and feel that you need more of a challenge then pizza, why not wow your friends by cooking dinner in front of them, something normally reserved for 5* restaurant visits.  Our Paella attachment simply slots on top of the grill, the fire below heating it up to let the paella cook.  Despite its name you can, of course, use this to cook other food.

Of course no festive party would be complete without a mouthwatering joint of meat for people to feast on. The Smoker attachment, which is different from the Paella and Pizza Oven attachment as it does not fit on top of the main grill, instead attaching to the existing flue exhaust of the Murphy BBQ stove MK2  This is perfect for roasting/ smoking joints for your guests.

With heat resistant paint resisting up to 600 degrees Celsius, this is the perfect party piece.  Do be aware that the BBQ oven can get very hot. Thus, children should not be left unattended whilst it is on or until it has completely cooled down afterwards.

December 19, 2014

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