Double Dignitaries for Dunster House

Mayor Opening Flixborough Branch Dunster House

The weekend of the 25th-26th of October was very special for our Flixborough branch. We received a visit from not one, but two mayors.

Mayor Opening Flixborough Branch Dunster House

From left to right: Emma, Pete, Mayor Baxter and his Mayoress

Flixborough branch manager Claire Smith gave Mayor Foster and his Mayoress Angela a guided tour of the site. The tour took the Mayor and Mayoress through the display garden where our new ranges were explained; from our Log Cabins and Climbing Frames, Greenhouses to Sheds and Garden Offices to Summerhouses before finishing the tour by showing our brand new revolutionary Rabbitopia.


The tour concluded back in the sales room where the Mayor and Mayoress enjoyed a hot drink with our team. They discussed the progress that Dunster House has made, specifically Flixborough since its opening in 2007. Battling through the recession and still going strong within the community. A thought emulated by Mayor Foster and his Mayoress.

Arriving in the afternoon of Sunday, Mayor Baxter and his Mayoress were given a tour of the grounds. They discussed our disability friendly products such as our TruggyWug and picnic bench. They seemed impressed with our range and layout. Then, they sat down to have a cup of tea with the team. Chat quickly turned to our humanitarian work, with Mayor Baxter leaving with a brochure for our Eco Toilets!

Mayor Opening Flixborough Branch Dunster House

From left to right: Mayor Foster, Mayoress Angela and Claire Smith

Discussing Dunster House, Mayor Baxter provided the below speech:

“I am delighted and honoured to be here today to join in the celebration and success of a great UK Business and local employer. Thank you for inviting us to come here to join you in opening this important development. Also, to see the continuing growth of your business on the South Bank of the Humber.

I wish to thank you all for making us both feel so welcome; its all looking very good today and you have certainly pulled out all of the stops to show some of the unique local talent. It has helped the local development of what started as a family business in 1994, opening here in Flixborough in 2007.

This is a vital division in the company’s supply chain for the delivery of your products to the northern regions; this is also a part of your business which has continued to develop. Given its true understanding of what other families need; how in keeping that vital competitive edge, you have also continued to produce extraordinary product as a UK company, and in doing so has provided that vital spark’ so necessary to sustain the local economy and provide the service level and products that we all really need.

She continued by saying

Of course one of the benefits from having demanding local customers in a world of increasing competition, is to look on this as a challenge. Which fits well with your strategic objectives and, helps you achieve the competitive advantage needed to actively and vigorously pursue those essentials, whilst retaining your brand reputation. Such is the nature of your businesses, the success of which  you clearly demonstrate today.

You are doing your bit to build business confidence and help local employment, so we must all join you to fight to ensure we continue to build on our Regions reputation as one of the most attractive places fro investment for the creative sector, with this attractiveness underpinned by our strength as a real magnet for creativity. Today’s event is a result of the ongoing efforts, dedication and true imagination of your workforce, who have put such a lot of time and effort into arranging today’s event. With such talent and professionalism, they also assist in bringing out the best in people; together you succeed and should therefore take great pride in the fact you have achieved so much in Flixborough for the region and, with such exciting developments, you will be here for a very long time.

[…] It is a pleasure and privilege as First Citizen of North East Lincolnshire to be here with you today. I hope, as a friend, to now declare this inspirational occasion well and truly open.


October 29, 2014

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