Dreaming about summer barbeques?

Barbeques in the garden Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

The sun has got his hat on and he’s trying really hard to come out and play. We’ve all noticed the clouds and rain departing for a few hours, sometimes even days. Summer is coming! As we all wait with hope for a hot summer some of us will be thinking about the plants in our garden, if you’re part of the green fingered enthusiasts you may want to check out our greenhouse ranges. For those of you thinking of barbeques, parties and laying in the sun with a cold one we have a few things you will want to see!


Barbeques in the garden Thatched Gazebo Dunster House


Create a feature within your garden, and a space friends will naturally flock to socialise, with a Dunster House Gazebo. Choose from the traditional Otteridge Gazebos or the modern Utopias, with their varying options of enclosed side panels or open spaces. If extravagance is more your style, create a bold statement with an African Thatched Gazebo and escape into your garden!



Great for sitting under with friends and family, catching up over drinks or dining outside after lighting up your barbeque. If it’s a quiet evening of relaxing to forget the long day plonk yourself under your gazebo with a good book and a cold drink to escape. Whatever your choice, a gazebo will allow you to create a peaceful sitting area in your garden where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, without over exposure or risk of sudden weather changes.


Barbeques in the garden BBQ Stove Dunster HouseAdd the wood burning Murphy Stove into the mix as it will not only heat your seating area but allow you to experiment with barbeque cooking, becoming the new Heston Blumenthal of the outdoor cooking experience! Originally designed for humanitarian uses the Murphy Stove is perfect for families and large barbeque gatherings. Deceptively light, the stove makes is easy for one person to maneuver around the garden. The standard grill is perfect for kebabs, ribs, burgers and steaks. While the hot plate allows for use of a kettle, pans or to keep food warm while you’re eating. Reinvent the barbeque experience for all of your guests using the additional extras available in the form of a pizza oven attachment, smoker oven and paella dish.

Barbeques in the garden Dunster House




Take barbequing one step further this summer and grow your salads, or herbs to season your meats, with our TruggyWug.


Article Writer: Gerry Johnstone

May 17, 2013

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