Dunster House Log Cabin In Sunny Cyprus!

Cyprus Avon Grande from Dunster House

Wow! Our Log Cabins are so good that the word has spread across the ocean to hot and sunny Cyprus. This customer sent in pictures of their Avon 500 Grande Log Cabin which they have placed on the edge of the sand.

Cyprus Avon Grande from Dunster House

Painted a stunning white treatment, the Log Cabin perfectly compliments this customers picturesque villa and, if its possible, makes it look even more idyllic then it already did. The vast windows, made with 4mm toughened glass that can withstand both stones and stray beach balls, fill the Log Cabin with natural light during the day. At night, when the family just want to sit, relax and listen to the sea crashing against the rocks, they can open them up to let in a cool breeze.

Cyprus Avon Grande from Dunster House

This customer has opted to add insulation (not that it needs to be hotter), they’ve added air conditioning (not available as an optional extra) and have converted into an additional living space for when friends come over to stay. The double glazing helps for better heat and sound insulation so they won’t disturb neighbours when their parties last late into the night.Cyprus Avon Grande from Dunster House

The PremiumPlus Avon Grande XL Log Cabin W3.0m x D9.0m starts from £4,000.99, a fraction of the cost of a extension or conservatory. To order your Log Cabin today, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.


Word really has spread about just how fantastic our log cabins are!

June 13, 2011

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