Dunster House is entered into Shed of the Year

shed of the year dunster house

Three sheds purchased from Dunster House were entered into the Shed of the Year competition 2014. Unfortunately, these did not manage to beat the competition, which was steep with 2,162 sheds entered this year. They say it is not the winning that matters, but it is the taking part, and we truly believe that. We are beyond chuffed with the effort that the contestants have made with their garden buildings.

Here are the Shed Of the Year

Peters Shed

Dunster House Shed of the Year Cabin Bar Peter purchased a Dunster House Avon 400 with 45mm walls, 28mm DG windows, Euro locks and roof shingles. He has turned this into his office and a sanctuary away from the house. He has added mains power, a great music system and fridge, creating the ultimate office by day, BBQ annexe by night.

Here’s what Peter had to say about his entry:

‘With the impending birth of our second son and my subsequent eviction from the spare bedroom I quickly needed to build a garden office to continue working from. I used a local builder to provide a single block footing/plinth for it to sit on.

It took myself and my father-in-law two days to erect it but that included staining every log as we went along to guarantee complete coverage between the tongues and grooves. I used a local electrician to fit a consumer unit, lights and eight double sockets but I dug the 600mm deep trench back to the house myself. (And I snapped a forged steel trenching shovel in the process!) To convert this into an all year round office I added 200mm mineral wool insulation between the 150mm purlins then added a plasterboard ceiling.

For the walls I fitted 50mm T&G insulation boards then finished again with plasterboard. This meant that I had to re-trim (or rather extend) the internal window and door frames to finish flush with the new thicker walls. The addition of insulation boards meant also that I had to plan where my shelf fixings would be and add wooden battens in lieu of insulation in advance.

In the winter I use a small panel heater for approx 20 minutes first thing the morning and then it stays warm for the rest of the day. Now having been working from my shed for just over a year I am sure we made the right decision to spend approximately 5k to complete this project rather than build an extension or move home. I fully recommend this solution to anyone in the same predicament.’

Dunster House Shed of the Year Cabin Bar

Nick’s Shed

Dunster House Shed of the Year Cabin Bar

Nick entered his Dunster House Vanguard which he has turned into a beautiful art studio. With plain white walls accentuating the wood flooring, this turns the Log Cabin into an amazing studio that you would easily mistake for an office.

A man of few words, this is what Nick has to say about his entry:

As the site is a sloping one it was necessary to put in a level concrete base which took 6 tons of pre- mixed concrete. The shed arrived as individual planks. It took a long time to sort out, before we could even start the build. The actual construction of the studio took about a week with the help of two friends. The longest bit was installing the roof shingles and the internal planked flooring.

Dean’s Shed
Dunster House Shed of the Year Cabin Bar
Wait! We have seen this shed before, Dean has entered his PremiumPlus Severn log cabin pub conversion on our Great British Garden Retreat and the National Shed of the Year competition. We love this pub conversion; you almost forget that it is simply at the end of the garden! With beer on tap, flat screen tv, wifi  and authentic pub furniture. This is easily the place to be in the evening.

Dunster House Shed of the Year Cabin BarHere’s what Dean has to say about his entry

We recently moved house which wasn’t within walking distance of a pub that showed live sports on a regular basis. Therefore as we had additional garden space I decided to bring the pub to us. With its own Wi- Fi, dartboard, refrigerator, satellite television, and most importantly working beer pumps. It’s started paying for itself already in shop/reduced price ale and saved taxi fares. Would recommend to anyone.

July 21, 2014

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