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Dunster House is rapidly expanding. We now own over 14 factories spread across 7 sites all over Europe. Each of these factories are responsible for making specific parts and products for Dunster House. In addition to the export market. In Poland we have 2 facilities, the first of which is our smallest warehouse with 10 staff members including office staff and production workers. The second facility is our biggest with 50 members of staff operating high tech machinery to produce the best timber products on the market.

Dunster Polska

A sneak peek inside Dunster Polska

Dunster Polska is run by Ziggy Szymczak who was once a Fabricator at our UK branch. Our director Chris Murphy gave him a chance to run the factory in Poland. His story was featured on the BBC Look East as people were impressed at the generosity. Clearly the right move, Ziggy thrived in his home town ensuring everything runs smoothly. In addition to having regular contact here at Dunster House HQ (Bedford branch). In keeping with our family run business philosophy in Poland, Dunster House employ people from the local community and you will often find wife’s, husbands, brothers and sisters working side by side in our factories.

Both of our factories in Poland have been open for 4 years with Ziggy at the helm overseeing the entire production. Dunster Polska differs from our other production factories as they have to make different products daily rather than focusing on one product for a few days meaning no two days are same. Our Polish production facilities focus on manufacturing a smaller range of products such as Garden Offices, Carports, Summerhouses as well as our polyurethane insulation panels.

Dunster Polska

We design, make and distribute

Rather than continuing to buy from overseas companies owned by other people, as we had been doing. Ten years ago we instead decided to set up our own separate production Companies overseas. Now, this foresight allows us to keep our quality high and our product designs specific to the UK market. Also to offer exceptional value for money as we have no hidden manufacturing costs. We pride ourselves on creating the finest timber products. This is why we constantly improve and expand our equipment to increase production speed. Dunster Polska can cut 24,000 pieces of timber by jigsaw in each production cycle.

Dunster Polska

In the UK we import our timber but in Poland things are a little bit different. Dunster Polska annually bid on ‘timber cubes’ of forest. The timber is then harvested to start the manufacturing process.  This process although stressful as the consequences of losing the bid can be dire, is the most economical. It ensures the Forestry Commission knows exactly how much timber we all use per year. Thus they can replant the trees, maintaining sustainability.

This process is in operation in all our European factories. As, once harvested, the trees can take 30 – 40 years to mature before they are delivered to the customer.  To ensure high quality timber every time Dunster Polska undertakes the entire production process, from forest to customer.

Dunster Polska Dunster Polska Dunster Polska

January 28, 2016

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