Encourage wildlife into your garden

Wildlife in the field

When you purchase a garden building, the impulse is to make sure your garden is immaculate. After you want to show it off to your friends and family so making sure it is well kept is a priority to ensure you get that ‘wow’ factor. But, if you are a wildlife enthusiast as well as a keen gardener, then you may want to keep it a little more unkempt to encourage wildlife into your garden.

Wildlife in the garden

By avoiding clear up duties, you can encourage more animals and insects into your garden until the wildlife are thriving. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you can reap the rewards of a garden full of natural wonders. There are lots of ways to attract wildlife whilst maintaining the natural beauty of your garden. If you leave some parts of your garden to grow wild – perhaps one of the borders, or corner of the lawn, then this will encourage wildflowers to grow. These will attract bees, butterflies and ground-dwelling insects.

Wildlife in the garden - Purple Coneflower


Rather than killing slugs and snails, let them thrive as they are an important part of the garden life cycle. They are, a nuisance to some as they destroy plants and vegetables, but it is easy to put barriers up to protect your crops. Useful barrier materials include egg shells, sand and copper bands. There are many creative ways to build bridges as well as barriers but as long as the wildlife isn’t affected, we’re all happy!

Wildlife in the garden - Snail

Give a hedgehog a home.

They need it! With numbers on the decline there are many things you can do to encourage them into your garden. I have made a slight gap in the fence line with just enough room to squeeze through and, sure enough, was greeted by a hedgehog relaxing on my lawn before it swiftly scurried back into the bushes. Hedgehogs are useful visitors to your garden as they eat various insects as well as slugs and snails…thus clearing your garden and giving the hedgehogs a well-earned meal!

Wildlife in the garden - Hedgehog

Bird Bath, Bird Feeder or Pond

Install a bird bath, bird feeder and pond! This will put the finishing touches to your wildlife haven. Water and food are a necessity for to survival. A bird bath provides a regular visiting spot, especially if it comes accompanied with a daily food source! It doesn’t have to be an elaborate – a simple shallow tray or large dish/bowl is sufficient. One of the most effective ways of attracting more wildlife to your garden is by using a pond, add some aquatic plants and you’re almost guaranteed to see a lot more wildlife coming in and out of your garden.

Creating a wildlife-friendly garden will attract all kinds of creatures – some good and some bad, but even the bad ones contribute positively. Bugs and insects attract larger predators and bring a wider diversity of animals and birds. So, what are you waiting for? Do your bit for the environment and open your garden up to whole host of natural wonders!

Wildlife in the garden - Birds

Imagine looking out from your garden building at so much vibrant and diverse wildlife!

February 3, 2017

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