Introducing the Erin Gazebo: A hot tub Gazebo

Hot Tub Gazebo Erin Dunster House

There is simply no better feeling than coming home, kicking off your shoes, pouring yourself a cold glass of wine and sinking into the warm water of your hot tub. The bubbles working to ease the aches and pains of the day away and leave you feeling truly relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep. The problem is most people will not choose to do this for one of two reasons, they either think that it will be too chilly in the evenings or they are reluctant to strip off where passersby can see them. The Erin Gazebo provides you with a customisable solution to your reservations.

You want your Gazebo to stand out for all the right reasons, enhancing the beauty of your garden but you also want a Gazebo that will last which is why we pressure treat all the timber used in the Erin Gazebo. Conventionally pressure treatment results in timber having a green colour – not ideal unless that’s your favourite colour! For a richer and more neutral finish, we add a brown additive during the pressure treatment process that gives the timber a natural colour similar to oak. The pressure treatment process not only gives you an aesthetically beautiful Gazebo but also protects it against rot and fungal decay for at least 10 years without the need for retreatment, a necessity for any building that will be exposed to a variety of elements over time.

Different options for your hot tub gazebo

We appreciate that customers have different preferences when it comes to the style and use of your Garden Building which is why we give you the opportunity to fully customise your Gazebo to make it ideal for a multitude of uses. You can opt to choose an open Erin Gazebo which consists of just four posts and the roof; ideal as a protective covering for garden furniture, BBQs or simply a focal point in the garden.  Alternatively you can opt to increase your privacy by adding walls to your Gazebo. We provide these as single units to give you complete control by allowing you to choose to have one, two or three walls enclosed.  On top of the half height timber panels you can choose to add either solid or louvre panels. As with the lower timber panels we provide these in single units so you can choose how much, or how little, privacy and ventilation you have.   Whether you opt for an open gazebo or a customised enclosure for your hot tub, it will be a backyard favourite.

Hot Tub Gazebo Erin Dunster HouseErin Gazebo – Open

The unique design of this Gazebo allows it to stand out for all the right reasons. The Perspex dome allows for sunlight to stream through the roof during the day and give you the option to stargaze in the evening. Whether you choose to place a hot tub or garden furniture underneath your Gazebo, the substantial 70mm x 70mm timber posts, which are supported even further by galvanised steel fixing plates, ensure this will stand strong for years to come.


Erin Gazebo – Half Height Solid Wall panels 

Hot Tub Gazebo Erin Dunster House
Combine exposure and privacy with our half height timber panels. The addition of the half height panels means you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the British sun streaming both through the Perspex dome and the open space surrounding the gazebo whilst the high quality pressure treated spruce timber provides you with some privacy from outdoor elements.


Hot Tub Gazebo Erin Dunster House

Erin Gazebo – Part Enclosed with bar

You can choose to have one, or two, sides of your Erin Gazebo enclosed with two half height solid wall panels. It is all down to personal preference and garden layout, so you can set the two enclosed sides against the garden edge and unwind whilst enjoying the view of the garden you have worked so hard on. The last thing you want to do is have to get up and walk across your garden to refill your drinks or get something to eat – which is why the bar is ideal for you.


Hot Tub Gazebo Erin Dunster HouseErin Gazebo – Half Wall, Half Louvre with Bar
Make your garden the talk of the town for all the right reasons with our Erin Gazebo with bar. By simply adding some garden chairs to the outside, you’ll create the perfect balance of enclosed protection, outdoor openness and entertainment. Your partner, friends and family can spend lazy afternoons unwinding in your hot tub with your favourite drinks, and food, close at hand eliminating the need to run through the garden to the house.


Hot Tub Gazebo Erin Dunster HouseErin Gazebo – Solid Wall panels

Add further half height solid wall panels to the top of your Erin Gazebo. Create an enclosed shelter for your hot tub or garden furniture. The large Perspex dome, positioned in the centre of the heavy duty roof, allows plenty of natural sunlight to stream through. It will fill the Erin Gazebo with light.

The Perspex dome sits proudly on top of the heavy duty 19mm thick roof.  Thus, it’s the only thing you can’t customise on your gazebo. Made from Polyester Terephthalate Glycol, the clear dome allows plenty of sunlight to stream through it. Therefore, fills the gazebo with natural light during the day. As the daylight fades, you will have a clear view of the stars. Don’t worry about the loss of sunlight; a few candles or a quick call to your local electrician could add a relaxing atmosphere to your garden building.

We know that hot tubs can generate a lot of heat and that it rises. The last thing you need is the Gazebo becoming uncomfortably steamy. And you being ‘rained on’ by a collection of water droplets. We have designed the Erin Gazebo to provide maximum ventilation without reducing the amount of privacy it provides.

Maximised luxury

The Erin Gazebo has been designed to keep you warm while relaxing. Also, allowing the air to circulate to reduce the excess of damp and compensation. Regardless of the style or size you choose.  With this in mind there is a small gap at the top of the Gazebo to allow steam to escape. The gap is just beneath the roof. In addition to this, the dome is fixed onto a timber frame which has spaces on all four sides. It specifically to allow ventilation to reduce the build up of condensation inside the dome.

To maximise the feel of luxury and relaxation, you can opt to add a bar to your Erin Gazebo. This thick bar, strengthened by timber supports, sits alongside a half height timber panel. This bar is thick enough to easily hold a plate of nibbles, bucket of ice and some champagne flutes. Meaning, once you have sunk inside the hot tub, you will not have to get back out again. Unless, of course, you have started to wrinkle!

Make the most of the summer months, and add luxury to the chillier months, with the Erin Gazebo. Simply visit to pick your favourite Gazebo and then order it! You will have a garden that everyone talks about for all the right reasons.


June 24, 2015

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