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Erin Gazebo from Dunster House

Choosing a Gazebo for your garden is not an easy choice. There are so many different things to consider such as garden placement, whether you want an open or enclosed Gazebo, what it will be used for, budget and longevity. Finding one that caters to all your requirements can be costly, both in terms of effort and finance, as you scour the internet for all you need to create the dream Gazebo. Our Erin Gazebo range gives you all the customiseable options in one easy-to-maneuver page.

Far from your average Gazebo, the Erin Gazebo truly caters for a variety of different needs. The unique 814mm x 814mm Perspex dome, which is made from Polyester Terephthalate Glycol, is not only incredibly strong but is also very safe. As the dome is made from Perspex, and not glass, it is shatterproof so you don’t need to worry about things falling on it. The surrounding framework has been designed to incorporate four ‘gaps’. These gaps help steam escape when soaking in the hot tub, preventing condensation and helping the dome to remain clear. This allows plenty of natural light during the day, regardless of the design you choose (more on that below), and lets you look up at the stars while you sink beneath the bubbles with a glass of fizz in your hand.  This dome rests on top of a 19mm thick roof, offering you shelter from the elements and allowing you extend your living space and enjoy your garden without the extensive cost of a conservatory or extension.

Erin Gazebo from Dunster House

The sturdy roof is held up by 70mm x 70mm timber uprights. These substantial uprights are made of slow grown spruce and are supported further with additional timber braces at the base. This combination makes for a well-built, robust Gazebo that won’t bend and sway as soon as the wind picks up. You can opt to add a Gazebo Decking, ideal for ensuring your guests don’t have to brave the cold, wet floor when relaxing in the Gazebo or sinking in the hot tub. Alternatively, you can opt to have the Gazebo without a floor if you are using it to shelter a part of your garden so good that it doesn’t require it.

The optional wall panels are where you can really customise your Gazebo. You can add these panels to either one or all of your walls; it’s totally up to your personal preference and budget. You can choose between:

  • Full height solid wall panels
    Use our full height timber walls to your Erin Gazebo to partially enclose it – ideal for when you want to block out the fence, wall or hedges and give yourself a magnificent view whilst relaxing.
  • Half height solid wall panels
    These half height wall panels gives your Gazebo a tasteful finish and, when combined with the bar, are the perfect height for storing your drinks, food or books. It can eliminate the need to interrupt your recharging or romantic evening to refill on crucial supplies.
  • Louvre panels
    If you want control of both your privacy, and the amount of ventilation your Gazebo has, then our Louvre panel are the things for you. The moveable slats of the louvre panels mean you can choose how open, or closed, they are (similar to blinds).

 Erin Gazebo with wall panels from Dunster House

Whatever option you choose, you can be sure your Gazebo is built to last. All timber has been pressure treated with non toxic, arsenic free, copper chrome treatment which protects your Erin Gazebo from rot and fungal decay – we are so sure of the protection it offers that we guarantee all pressure treated timber for 10 years. No maintenance and all the effort.

To view our Erin Gazebo range, or any of the other Gazebos we sell, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you’d prefer us to give you a call, simply fill in this request form.


August 22, 2016

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