Escape to the Man Cave

Man Cave Exterior

Finding peace and quiet in a noisy household is hard. A lot of the time I want to watch a film or my favourite TV series but never get my own way. If you’re struggling with this too we hear you loud and clear and have the ideal solution. Our range of Man Caves will suit everyone whether you choose the traditional look of a ‘cave’ with our Dark, Noir and Eclipse model or you choose the fantastic Shadow model.

Now we are not saying that your Man Cave has to be a technology free zone – you can’t really relax and watch your favourite programmes on anything but a flat screen, can you? We are saying that you should indulge in some ‘me time’. Whether that be watching the football without the constant interruptions from your partner or the children.

Man Cave Dark Interior

For me personally I get extremely involved playing the Xbox. If you are an avid gamer like myself you will understand that things can get a bit heated. My personal preference is Fifa. The intense one on one games with my friends get really competitive with shouting and swearing ensuing. With a family member or partner next door I often get told to be quiet. This is where having a Man Cave comes in handy, you can escape to the garden to do as you wish, watch the football, play the Xbox or have a poker night with the lads in privacy.

All of this sounds extremely appealing but for your neighbours who don’t share your passion, this noise can quickly become a disturbance. Thankfully, our thick timber and double glazed windows offer a certain level of insulation against noise. We are not saying that it is completely soundproof but it offers a barrier of protection against it. The insulation is increased with our high-quality Polyurethane which not only offers a little more sound protection but also ensures the cave remains cosy even into the early hours of the morning when you are still up with your mates.

Man Cave Eclipse Interior

Your Man Cave is going to have all of your comforts, TV, Xbox games console and monitors’. Thus so protecting them is extremely important. We use two 4mm panes of toughened glass, which make up a 28mm sealed unit. The security of your Man Cave is only increased by the 9 point locking system. It is made up of three roller cams, three hook bolts, two dead bolts and a latch. The 28mm sealed glazing helps improve heat and sound insulation. It aslo allows you to shout and scream at the TV to your heart’s content. Why not invite your friends round for drinks and enjoy a night binging on your favourite films or TV shows.

Our Man Caves are built using the finest materials. We use slow grown spruce for the walls and supply you with pressure treated floor bearers. With the bearers being the closest piece of timber to the ground it’s important to protect this part of the building. By pressure treating the bearers we ensure that they protected from rot and insect infestation. The bearers also provide extra support and without pressure treated bearers moisture would damage the lower aspects of the structure.

Man cave alternatives

If you would like a Man Cave of your own, and don’t feel that this size is adequate or you would prefer a garden building with a different shape or design then you could look at our range of Log Cabins, Shepherds Hut or Glamping Cocoons. They are larger than the Man Cave but are made from the same high quality timber. They’re ideal if you have lots of home comforts and need a space to store and use them.

September 6, 2016

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