Escape the prison of a hutch with a Rabbitopia

Rabbitopia Dusnter House

I wake up after a restless sleep, jumping at every sound through fear that I could be attacked or worse – eaten.  As the sun comes up I try to move but my muscles are stiff due to how cold my room is and it hurts.  As I move from my hutch to an empty space that doubles as my toilet, I keep my head low so that I don’t bang it off the ceiling and look out of the window longingly – I hope that I will be allowed outside at some point today. I long to stretch my legs fully, to move around more than a step or two without seeing a wall and to periscope to make sure I am safe. I push my nose through the bars as far as it can go to sniff the fresh air.

Let Me Out!

Each time my captor passes by, I press my face against the bars and look longingly at them. With the hope of letting me into the garden. Sometimes it works but this time it doesn’t. They pass my cage and I hesitantly drop back and position myself to look towards the place they went – maybe they’ll come back. A long time passes and I find myself bored; I sit, I stand, I move, I eat, I sit, I stand, I move and I eat – it is a never ending circle. A bang makes me jump and they are here! I come forward as the door opens and I’m allowed into the yard!

I run as fast as I can and jump in the air, I am so excited just to feel the grass and see the trees. I’m lying in the sun but I can’t seem to keep still – I’m too excited. It feels like I have just come out when it is time to go back into my cell. I don’t want to go back, it’s not fair. I stomp my feet in protest but they don’t care. They return me to my cell and walk away. That’s it, my funs over for the day.  I sit still in a space that is barely big enough for me to move and wait as the inevitable boredom and ache sets in. I try not to look outside as I lie down and restlessly fidget until tiredness suddenly overtakes me.

Hutches are evil

I’m a rabbit living in the average hutch, sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime I didn’t commit. It doesn’t have to be this way. Just because I can’t talk, doesn’t mean I don’t matter. I have feelings; I’m a living and breathing creature that deserves a happy and fulfilling life too. Yes, something bigger than a cell costs more but I’m not just a rabbit, I’m part of the family. I have only one chance at life, just like you, so please give me the best life you can.

All life should be valued, no matter how small. We rabbits have been misunderstood for far too long. Enough is enough; the time for change is long overdue. Just because people see us living in these small cramped conditions, it doesn’t mean that’s how it should be. Help me, you can make a difference; please don’t sentence me to a miserable life. The assumption is ‘my rabbit rarely runs’, that’s true, just like you rarely run. But you can if you want; they can’t if they’re in prison…


Inspired by a talk with rabbit lover Andy Murphy, and a post on the Rabbitopia Facebook page (the last paragraph is copied), I decided to write an article surrounding the fear and sadness that a rabbit faces daily at the hands of humans – many of which do not know any different. Visit our website to take a look at our SkyWarren Hutch and Tower and our range of Rabbitopias or call 01234 272 445.

Rabbitopia Dusnter House

Rabbitopia Dusnter House

June 9, 2015

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