Behind the scenes in Estonia!

So we’ve taken you behind the scenes in one of our production factories. Now it’s time to look 830 kilometres to Estonia where our Estonian production factory is located. We couldn’t just have one with the amount of Log Cabins, Summerhouse, Garden Offices and Climbing Frames we make. In addition to our other products.

As you can see in this video, our staff in the Estonian Production Factory work hard to ensure that each piece of timber is cared for so you get high quality Garden Buildings everytime. From cutting the tree down to getting the timber to size, planed, pressure treated, packed and shipped, we take care of everything.


The family that owns Dunster House also owns over 14 factories spread across 7 sites all over Europe. Each of which is dedicated to making specific parts and products for Dunster House. In addition to the export market. As a British family we like to keep jobs in Britain wherever possible. However, we recognise that lower costs in overseas manufacturing would allow us to offer better value to our customers.

Rather than continuing to buy in from overseas companies owned by other people, as we had been doing. Ten years ago we instead decided to set up our own separate production Companies overseas. Now, more than ever, this foresight allows us to keep our quality high, our product designs specific to the UK market. In addition we can offer you exceptional value for money. 

To find out more about the work we do, and the amount of effort that goes into every single one of our products, visit the ‘about us’ page on our website.

February 6, 2016

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