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I was recently looking at a competitors website (they shall remain nameless) and noticed on their website that they had an Anti Rot Guarantee.  As we offer 10 year Guarantees on the Pressure Treated timber and the Galvanised Steel in our Garden Buildings, I was intrigued as to how the method of protection in our Log Cabins would differ from their Companies.  As it turns out, it differs greatly. Although they state that they have an Anti Rot Guarantee, the terms and conditions of the Guarantee state that it only remains valid if you treat it once a year with a high-quality timber treatment. This is a task that we would naturally advise anyone who owns a timber product to complete annually – so why is it part of the Guarantee? Intrigued, I looked at some of our other competitor’s terms and conditions and I was amazed to see that they also need the annual retreatment of the Log Cabins for the Guarantee to be valid. With offer a 10 year Guarantee on our Pressure Treated timber as the process forces the treatment deep inside the spruce and means that you don’t have to retreat it for 10 years, the treatment will help keep the Garden Buildings longevity and quality.

Competitor Guarantees:

Deciding to dig a little deeper I opened the terms and conditions of a few of our competitors’, the Anti Rot Guarantee included, so I could really understand the details behind this ‘fantastic’ offer. The most shocking of these statements is that the building ‘cannot be touched by an external wall or in contact with a bush’ as it exposes the building to moisture which can penetrate the building. As gardens vary in shape and size, this term seems impractical to me. Our Garden Buildings are less than 2.5m high so there are no restrictions as to where you can place them within your garden. The idea that exposure to moisture can nullify the terms and conditions is just as impractical as our bearers are exposed to the damp of the ground constantly. However, as we are so confident of our Pressure Treatment process, we still guarantee them against rot and fungal decay for 10 years.

Dunster House Guarantee:

There is a well known joke that the biggest lie ever told is that you’ve read the Terms and Conditions. Although very funny, the fact is that its often true. People don’t read the Terms and Conditions before signing – I know I’m guilty of this and frequently sign contracts before actually reading the Terms and Conditions (does anyone know the details of their phone contract?!?) but this is where you can find out if a deal is in fact a deal or, as I’ve found out through this research, if it’s a pointless promise. We’re so proud and so confident of our Terms and Conditions, both Pressure Treated and not, that we’re more than happy to let you read it in full:

Pressure Treated Timber Guarantee

 Guarantee Details

Dunster House Ltd. (“the Guarantor”) hereby guarantees all pressure treated timber components against damage caused by insect infestation and fungal decay for the duration of 10 years from the first date of delivery.

Covered is the cost of re-supplying an identical or comparable component to replace a component that is proven to have failed as a result of fungal decay or insect attack. This includes the cost of transport of any such component to the customer’s original delivery address providing that this is within the territorial scope of this Guarantee. It does not cover the cost of installation of those components and does not cover the cost of dismantling and/or collection of the defective components. Consequential costs or losses are not covered.

 The term ‘fungal decay’ as used in the Guarantee refers to wood destroying fungi that feed on and degenerate the wood cell walls. It excludes staining and mould fungi associated with the weathering of wood.

The term ‘insect attack’ refers to attack by wood digesting insects that destroy the timber structure.

The term ‘failed’ refers to damage caused by insects and/or fungi to such an extent that the component is no longer structurally sound.

This does not affect the statutory rights of consumers, or exclude or restrict the liability of the Guarantor for death or personal injury caused by negligence, or for fraudulent misrepresentation.


  1.  Any claim must be made in writing and accompanied with a proof of purchase, details of failure and photographic evidence of failure.
  2.  Should the timber be cross cut, notched, drilled or in any other way cut into, then exposed surfaces are to be liberally brushed with ‘Ensele’ end grain wood preservative in accordance with the instructions on the Ensele container (Ensele is a wood preservative that is specifically designed to be used with Tanalith ‘E’ pressure treated timber).
  3.  The products must have been correctly installed and only subject to normal domestic use.
  4.  No Guarantee is offered on products subject to abuse, negligence, improper use, modifications or attachment to equipment other than our own.
  5.  Fence Post and Gravel boards (for Fences) are pressure treated to Class 4, and should only be used for in ground contact situations – Use Class 4 (BS EN335-1)
  6.  All products (other than Fence posts and Gravel Boards) are pressure treated to Class 3, and should only be used for out of ground contact situations – Use Class 3 (BS EN335-1)
  7.  Fence Posts must not be pointed.
  8.  The shortening of timber posts should be avoided, if possible. If shortened, the cut end must never be used in ground contact and should be Enseled.
  9.  The territorial scope of this agreement is the United Kingdom Only.


  1.  Any timber removed from its original installation and re-used at another location.
  2.  Natural changes to timber, such as splits, twists, warps, knots and knot holes.

Feel free to read our complete terms and conditions on our website and, if you have any questions, feel free to call us on 01234 272 445 to discuss this or leave questions on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, G +, Pinterest) and I will get back to you with an answer ASAP.

September 30, 2015

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