Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition Entrants – Dunster House

Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition Dunster House

Thank You to all our Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition Entrants!

We would like to thank every single one of you who entered our Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition.

We had a fantastic range of entries from some very creative young designers, but unfortunately not every one of our entrants could win a prize.

We’re planning to run similar competitions in the near future though, so make sure you sign up to the Dunster House blog to be amongst the first to hear about up-and-coming art contests.

In the meantime, we would like to share with you a selection of our favourite kids climbing frame entries.

Daniel Beesley – aged 8

Dunster House Competition

Daniel’s fantasy climbing frame is based on edible delights and is themed around yummy food – a concept we at Dunster House love!

“It includes a chocolate scramble net section, donut tyre rings to climb on and a gumball slide that can be slid down on or climbed up on.”


Jack Miles – aged 6

Dunster House Competition

Jack’s Fantasy Climbing Frame design reaches all the way up into the sky and we were especially fond of all of the different rooms it has inside. Here Jack explains his concept further;

“There are different rooms on the way up; one with sleeping bags in case you need a nap, a sweets and snacks room in case you get hungry, a little tree house, a minecraft room with a computer, a drinks room and a trophy and medal room for when you reach the top! You can slide down the massive slides when you reach the top and on each level there are platforms so you can play, and one has seats so you can have a rest and look from really high up!”


Jasmine Price – aged 10
Dunster House Competition

Jasmine’s design is called My Dream Tree Top Playground – and it’s plain to see that it is pretty dreamy. We really admired Jasmine’s drawing skills and her attention to detail, including the descriptions of the different parts that make up her ideal kids climbing frame. We agree, Jasmine, your monkey bars really are ‘wicked’ and your slide is also ‘super.’


Jasmine Webb –aged 8

Dunster House Competition


Jasmine’s design is called ‘Imagicnary World’ and features many different parts in which to play. We thought it was very sweet that she designed a section of her climbing frame for her little brother to practice football in. Here Jasmine explains how her fantasy climbing frame can be used for many different games;

“The first box of my play frame is for football practice for my little brother. Then there is a pirate ship steering wheel that can be a car steering wheel or a spaceship steering wheel. Then there is a chalkboard or a place to paint. And underneath there is a sandpit and a tunnel that can be a place to bury treasure. Also a cave to explore or a bit of the moon dust and a scary black hole.

There is also a wobbly bridge that can be used to escape sharks that are swimming underneath. There are  monkey bars so you can be Tarzan or Spiderman. Then there is a fireman’s pole for sliding down, or it could be a circus pole for acrobating. Then there is a slide or it could be a plank for the pirate to put you in the sea and then there is a swing.”


Joshua Beesley – aged 10

Dunster House Competition

Joshua Beesley called his design the Go Ape Style Experience. It features zip-wires, trees, climbing walls and rope bridges.

In Joshua’s own words the design features

“scramble nets high in the trees and zip wires and all sorts of steps and obstacles to get across.”

We at Dunster House really like the safety scramble nets. As they would make us feel a bit safer, what with being all high up in the trees and everything!


Lucie Matthews- aged 7
Dunster House Competition

It’s no secret that we think Lucie Matthews’ Secret Curly Slide Clubhouse is fab. We like the colourful design and the giant ladder with climbing rope also included.

Here is what Lucie said about her design;

“My climbing frame is a clubhouse with a multi-coloured curly slide, two climbing walls, two swings, a secret den and a really big ladder.”


Tom O’Mara – aged 8
Dunster House Competition

With a name like ‘Super Mega Awesome Survival Craft Monkey Bars’ how can we not be impressed? Tom O’Mara’s masterpiece is a computer-generated design.

We also think Tom might have a future in advertising, as his climbing frame’s description is epic;

“My climbing frame was made in SurvivalCraft and is a 20-metre high set of monkey bars. Would you like to go on it? No one has ever survived! I dare you.”

Thank you all again for your superb entries and if you would like some more outdoor play inspiration, check out our full range of climbing frames.

December 7, 2014

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