Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition Winners – Dunster House

The Winners of the Dunster House Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition Have Been Announced

We were very impressed with the number of highly imaginative climbing frame designs entered into the Dunster House Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who submitted their drawings, but like all good things, the deadline for entrants has come to an end and the votes have been counted.

The first, second and third placed prize winners have been notified and they will soon be getting their tickets to Go Ape Forest Adventure Park, just in time for Christmas!

We had a great time going through all the drawings and only wish that we could play on these spectacular kids climbing frames in real life.

But unless our manufacturers can come up with a way of constructing a pyramid out of meteorites, or an adult-proof doorway, we’ll have to make do with showcasing our top three kids’ art entries for you now.

1st Place – Joshua Booth

 Dunster House Competition

The winner of the Dunster House Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition, Joshua Booth aged 6. He came up with a highly creative design called the ‘Double Decker.’

This concept is based around a climbing frame set in a tree. It includes a climbing wall, ladder and monkey bars.

Joshua said that his design is called the Double Decker because it features two playhouses, one for playing in and the other for sleeping.

Features also include a zip wire that travels to and from the two playhouses, a pink swing and a twisty-turny slide to the ground.

We especially liked the two bright-green ‘Dunster-esque’ log cabins balanced on the tree branches. Well done Joshua!

2nd Place- Charlie Bryant
Dunster House Competition

Our second placed fantasy climbing frame entry is quite literally out-of-this-world and comes from Charlie Bryant, aged 11.

The concept is based around the planets in the solar system. Each planet is connecting via slides, climbing walls, swings and zip wires. There’s also a skate park included and a button-operated seat lift to blast you off into your next space adventure.

Charlie said his design helps kids to learn about the solar system at the same time as playing outdoors. We especially liked the pyramid tower feature made up of actual meteorites, so congratulations Charlie!

Click to view Charlie Bryant’s 2nd placed entry.


3rd Place- Ethan Pow
Dunster House Competition

Our third placed entry comes from Ethan Pow aged 8 and is called My Super High Amazing Tree Frame.

The design is based around a very tall ladder (100 feet high) with a treehouse at the top. It features a 10 feet high slide and a secret door that is camouflaged in the wood. So no adults can get in, only children.

The treehouse itself contains an X Box One with four controllers. Plus there’s a spiral staircase and a zip-wire to the bottom. Ethan thinks his fantasy climbing frame is ‘really cool’ and we do too, so congratulations to you!


We’re hoping to run similar competitions in the very near future, so sign up to the Dunster House blog to find out when these contests will be announced. And in the meantime, take a look at our superb climbing frames collection for some playtime inspiration.


December 8, 2014

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