Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition!

Fantasy Climbing Frame Competition Dunster House

Does your child have a wild imagination? Are they scouring the jungle rather than simply being in the back garden. Do they dream of being the next Captain Jack Sparrow climbing up the mast of their own black pearl or are they a brave heroine in their castle, battling off any intruders, emulating the Disney princesses Mulan, Rapunzel and Belle. Our fantasy climbing frame competition is just what your children are looking for!

Today, we have launched our fantasy climbing frame competition, which will run until November 5th. We want children aged 6-12 to pick up their paper, pencils and art materials to design their fantasy climbing frame for their chance to win family tickets to Go Ape.

What to do

This fantasy climbing frame competition is simple. There are no complicated aspects, all you need is a pencil, paper and colouring materials. The rest is purely up to your imagination. We want you to design your ideal climbing frame; it could have anything you want on it – towers, bridges, monkey bars, water towers – absolutely everything.

Don’t worry, we are not expecting mini-Picasso! If you don’t think drawing is one of your strengths, just put down what you want. The public will decide the winner via a blind voting system.

Fill in our entry form and send it off –  remember to check out the Terms and Conditions before entering!

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion!

In similar style to all great competitions, we are leaving the vote down to the public! We want you to get as many votes as possible from your family and friends, each can vote just once, to ensure that yours is voted the winner. To make it a little bit more challenging, the vote will be a blind one, meaning you will not see who is winning in the polls. The more votes you get, the higher your chances of being the winner.

Don’t forget to promote your fantasy climbing frame on our social media either. Once uploaded, share on Twitter using the hashtag #FantasyCF and we will retweet each image to ensure you all get maximum coverage. For Facebook, simply tag us into your status so it appears on our website and all off our followers can see it!

Points mean prizes

At midnight on November 5th, the voting option will close, and within the next 30 days we will announce a winner. Unfortunately we are not offering the chance to see your fantasy climbing frame made into a reality; the complexities would be beyond explanation. However, we are offering equally fantastic prizes:

1st prize – 6 x Go Ape’s Tree Top Junior course

2nd prize – 4 x Go Ape’s Tree Top Junior course

3rd prize – 2 x Go Ape’s Tree Top Junior course

Go Ape is an outdoor forest adventure that will put your child’s bravery to the test.  Set high up in the trees, this is an exhilarating challenge for kids of all abilities. Let them negotiate the crossings and levels before flying down the zip wire to the finish.


We wanted to show you how simple it is to complete so we did it. Each of our marketing team had just 15 minutes to design a climbing frame of their choice – see them below:

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