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Erin Gazebo Dunster House

If you are struggling to choose between our many types, sizes and shapes of gazebo then please allow me to introduce you to the Erin Gazebo. It is one of our most versatile gazebos.

In its most basic and most affordable form, the Erin gazebo is a square wooden roof gazebo which comes in two sizes: 2.5m wide x 2.5m deep (6.25m2) or 3.2m wide x 3.2m deep (10.24m2). It is “Open”, which means that it is exposed to the elements on all four sides. All of the timber is fully pressure treated, which guarantees that the timber will not rot or suffer from insect infestation for ten years after treatment, as long as the timber is above the ground and not in standing water.

Gazebo "Erin"

The roof is easy to construct, as it comes in ready-assembled panels. They just need fitting together. The roof material is heavy duty 19mm thick timber. With a maximum internal height of 6’4’’, all except the very tallest of you will be able to stand up comfortably straight under the roof.

Erin Gazebo

The Erin gazebo’s most unique feature is its clear dome on the roof, made from clear shatterproof Perspex. This allows you to see the sky while you sit inside the gazebo. Which increases the effect of that unpredictable British sunshine. Or allow you to feel snug and cosy during a summer shower.

Gazebo "Erin" Roof

But wait, you’re probably protesting, won’t I get wet if I’m in my gazebo when it’s raining?

If you buy the most basic version without any extras, then yes. However, the basic Erin Gazebo has not just one but three different types of wall panel that you could add to cope with your usual local weather. The Louvre panel is made from slats which can be adjusted from open to closed as you wish.

Gazebo "Erin" Wall Panel

The half-height solid timber panel gives some shelter while still allowing a great view.

Gazebo "Erin" Wall Panel

The front wall panel is full height, and gives extra privacy.

Gazebo "Erin" Wall Panel

We have eleven different versions of the Erin Gazebo with many extras already added for you, including gazebos with full-height solid walls, a bar shelf or a front door.

Ask our sales people to explain all the possible combinations. There’s so much choice, all under one name!

September 7, 2016

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