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Canopy Gazebo Dunster House
Our fantastic range of canopy gazebos are the perfect size for entertaining and relaxing. They can accommodate a large garden table, additional seating or a good sized hot tub. Invite your family and friends round and break out the refreshments and enjoy your new stylish and practical canopy gazebo.
 They’re a different world altogether from unsightly polyester pop-up Gazebos that stick out like a sore thumb and blow away when the wind gets a little heavy. We are talking about elegant and stunning Gazebos that withstand the negatives of the British weather but let you fully reap the benefits!

 We use pre-cut pressure treated timber which means we can provide a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. The canopy gazebo also features support brackets and metal foot pads which are all made out of hot-dipped galvanised steel. We use galvanised steel as it has a longer life span than powder coated or zinc plated products and is stronger than stainless steel, we guarantee our metal brackets for 10 years against rust causing structural failure.

 We supply bolts and anchors for the metal foot pads which means the Gazebo can be bolted to the floor making it easy to install onto a concrete base. We also supply coach type screws for securing to timber if you’re planning to attach your Canopy Gazebo to timber decking.

 Canopy Gazebo Dunster House

 The canopy is made from 100% Olefin material that is water repellent and stain resistant. It is also highly resistant to UV rays, and has a UV protection that is equivalent to applying factor 80 sunscreen. The canopy is kept on the Gazebo via individual adjustable tensioners that allow you to tighten, or loosen, the canopy whenever you wish. The bolts make removing the canopy easy so, if you do need to clean it, it will be simple for you to do.

 The canopy sits on top of extra thick posts, 86mm x 86mm, which are chunky and offer plenty of support to your Gazebo. You’ll receive four as standard when you purchase this stunning garden structure but we appreciate that our customers are all different and some may like a little more privacy than simply a canopy roof which is why we give you the opportunity to buy 2 curtains and an additional post for the opportunity to enclose any of the sides for additional privacy. You can even enclose all of the sides if you like, the curtains are quick and easy to roll up out of the way when you want to create an opening or just let more air through.

 Not only does a Canopy Gazebo provide shelter from the chill of winter nights but they are also open enough to enjoy the warmth of the summer sunshine.

Canopy Gazebo Dunster House

 They are also very easy to assemble, all the timber is pre-cut and pre-drilled and can be assembled using a socket set, and since it’s designed for all-year round use, you won’t need to put it up and pull it down like you would with a temporary pop-up gazebo. To hear more about the fantastic features our Canopy Gazebo has, watch the video below:

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August 7, 2016

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