Feeling hot, hot, hot(tub)!

Hot tub Dunster House

Coming home from a long day at work, kicking off your shoes and settling down to watch some television without your whole body aching is a dream that many of us have. With the high pressure stress that comes with managing your time; long working days, exercise at the gym and all the other pressures that work together to make your body ache, many people resort to a hot water bottle, shower or painkillers…we can do better! A hot tub.

Wooden Hot Tub

Hot tub Dunster HouseOur wooden Hot Tub is not something you want; it is something you need! Imagine coming home and steaming your stresses away whilst the smell of the drywood BBQ cooking wafts through the air. Coming with a Wood Burning BBQ Stove with your choice of cooking pot or solid top, you can satisfy your appetite after coming out of the tub meaning the timely stress of deciding and cooking dinner will be solved and you can truly utilise your down time.

Wood Burning Stove

Our fantastic Hot Tub comes with a Dunster House Wood Burning Stove, combining the wonders of cooking whilst you and your friends take a soak in the tub. The option solid top is ideal for whipping out the Wok ready to rustle up an exotic Chinese stir fry, or maybe you prefer waking up to the smell of eggs and bacon in the morning!

The 20-litre stainless steel cooking pot option, which can feed large groups of friends with some hot, spicy chilli or even some Hungarian goulash, will satisfy many rumbling stomachs. It is flexible, fun and simple to use, creating a unique outside cooking experience that can be enjoyed by large groups of people in the comfort of your Hot Tub. Why not extend the menu and cook some tasty Spanish cuisine with our Paella Dish optional extra.

For those wondering about a wooden Hot Tub and the affect of water on wood, our wood is actual slow grown spruce timber which is pressure treated so you can be sure that the wood will not rot or mould. We are so sure of this that all Hot Tubs come with a ten year warranty! You will have to treat the exterior wood once every three years with Linseed oil to give it greater resistance to weathering, the inside walls do not need to be treated at all.

When you decide to purchase this fantastic tub, you will be kitted out with everything you could possibly need:

-1.3m Hot Tub
-Wooden StepsHot tub Dunster House-Paddle
-2 benches
-2 Champagne Glasses for the romantics amongst you
-Wood burning BBQ stove
-Cooking pot or solid top (depending on which one you choose at time of purchase)


Hot tub Dunster HouseThe first time you use the Hot Tub, leaks will appear. This is just until the wood saturates and joints have sealed naturally, they will then stop. When you fill it up, be sure to fill it with hot water and cover the inlet and outlet pipe. Change the water on the Hot Tub every third use to keep the tub clean.



Drain the hot tub

Hot tub Dunster House

To drain the Hot Tub is easy. Each tub includes a floor drain which can connect to a hose. So you can use the water on your garden plants, never on your vegetable garden though. O5r it can be released so the water goes down a storm drain. Ensure the water is cool when you empty it. If the water is hot, it will damage the heating coil. Scrub the Hot Tub with a little soap and then rinse so it remains clean therefore preventing the bacteria from forming a slippery coating. Refill it and you are good to go!

August 17, 2014

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