Fence panel construction: A video guide

Fence Panel Construction

We have a variety of videos on our YouTube channel; reviews, feature videos, information videos and construction videos to help you build your garden building or structure. As we’ve launched a range of fence panels, some of which are double sided, we wanted to make sure that installation is as easy as possible. Our Director, and creator of the Fence Panel range, Andy explains how simple it is to fit your double sided fence panels – you could construct it in as little as a weekend


Key Points:

  • When your fence panel first arrives, you’ll notice that the panels on either end are slightly loose so are easily pried off and put to one side.
  • You’ll need to screw through the framework in approx 4 places to hold the fence panel against the post. Once the holes are drilled, simply put the board back into place before nailing into place. If your fence panel doesn’t fit snuggly straight away, simply take a hammer and a piece of timber (so you aren’t hitting the panel directly) and give it a few light taps to put it into place. Once this is complete, take some of the nails (which are provided) and nail it into the cladding that sits through the middle.

If you opted for trellis,

  • The simplest way of fitting the trellis to the fence is to use 70-80mil screw into the fence post on either end. To make sure it is secure, intermittently hammer the same size screws directly through the thick base and into the fence panel itself.




January 30, 2016

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