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Foundations Dunster House

A building is only as strong as its foundations.  We help your Garden Building to stand the test of time by pressure treating our bearers, providing you with a 10 year guarantee against rot and infestation.  However, this will be useless if the base you have created is not correctly put together. If you have not chosen one of our foundation options, we’ll require you to build a base for us to work with, so our installers can build on top of this.

In order to help you create a base strong enough to hold your Garden Building we offer two different foundation types; RapidGrid Foundations and RapidPad Foundations.  These both offer a great alternative to laying a concrete base, which is a further added expense and limits the possibility of relocating your Garden Building (although it is still possible).

PremiumPlus RapidPad
Foundations Dunster House
The RapidPad foundation option comes in kit formation, providing you with heavy duty plastic grids, pea shingles, 2 sets of plastic pedestals in various sizing and screw tops for the bearers.  These cost effective RapidPads are not only a cheaper alternative to a concrete base, but they also take less time to install meaning it won’t be long before you have your ideal Garden Building. We have known customers that have built their Log Cabins in a weekend!

The laying of RapidPads actually requires very little manual labour compared to conventional bases, you simply need to dig holes that are 450mm x 350mm x 40mm per pad, resulting in less dirt to get rid of; saving you money, time, backache and the effort of hiring a skip.  In order to give you more control over how high you want your cabin to sit, we give you two sets of pedestals with each purchase of RapidPad foundations, the first with heights between 60mm and 100mm and the second with heights of 90mm to 160mm.

If you are looking at the RapidPads and wondering how they are going to take the weight of your Garden Building, don’t be.  A single RapidPad is required to hold approximately 200kg of uneven weight when you have furniture within your cabin.  This equates to 16Kpa (Kilopascal) which is why our foundations are dug 30-40mm into the ground where there is firm ground, this is more than sufficient to hold the building stable.
Please note our foundations are designed for a ‘typical garden’ where trees, fences, walls and even the main house can provide shelter from the wind, they are unsuitable for exposed areas that are victim of high winds.

The RapidPads are suitable for most, but not all, gardens.  If your garden is prone to becoming water logged or has recently been disturbed then RapidPads may not be the right option for you.  If you are unsure if RapidPads are suitable for your garden, please employ a local site surveyor prior to building.  We do not want you to have any accidents or find your Log Cabin is sinking.


Premium RapidGrid
Foundations Dunster House
These high quality grids are designed to fit under the base of your Garden Building, and leave 100mm overhang on all sides of the bearers.  As these are such high quality, they enable the base to withstand strong loads in small areas, making them a lot stronger than most of our competitors.

The Premium RapidGrid Foundation means you do not have to contend with messy wet concrete that takes a long time to set (if the weather holds out).  Our heavy duty plastic grids and weed control membrane are easy to put into place and, as they are plastic, a little light rain will not stop you laying them. Please note, you should not lay these straight after heavy rain due to the risk of your garden being waterlogged. The RapidGrid is better if you have a relatively flat surface to begin with as, unlike the RapidPads, they are not adjustable.  These do not come with pea shingle stones so you will need to buy these from a local builders merchant.

If you find that the ground is not suitable for either of our foundation systems, you may find reinforced concrete a better option, as we cannot build our buildings on unlevel surfaces. When preparing to lay the concrete foundation, we suggest you add 100mm all the way around on the sizes provided to you. This helps spread the weight of the building and ensure that, if the base is slightly out of square, that the building will still fit the base.

October 20, 2014

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