5 ways working in a garden office is good!

Garden Office Design Dunster House

We’ve put together five reasons for why working from home in a garden office can be a good thing. Can you think of anymore?

Garden Office Design Dunster House

1) There’s no commute!

You don’t need to spend time in traffic, cramped trains or on cold platforms waiting for delayed trains. Instead grab yourself a giant mug of coffee and walk down to your garden office. The trip to the bottom of the garden will be the shortest trip you’ll have ever made to work and the traffic is minimal!

2) The Freedom!

Working from a garden office¬†allows you freedom. You can work the hours you wish to work. You can play music extremely loud if you wished, it won’t disturb your co-workers will it? There’ll be no need to rush home to watch Wimbledon or the Chelsea game, you can just put it on your iPad or television while you’re working.

Garden Office Exterior Dunster House

3) The Scenery

There are no fluorescent lights in your garden office. It’s not a dull, depressing, colourless office of cubicle. It’s your space. Personalised to meet your own style, taste and working needs. It can be bold and bright or pastel colours. You could have posters and big red filing cabinets if you so wish.

4) The amenities

There’s no smelly shared fridge where you risk your food going missing. No coffee machine to take your money in return for a weak coffee or no coffee at all. There’s no risk of going without milk either. Everything is yours. It’s up to you to stock the fridge, make sure you have coffee and when you don’t you can always pop out to the shop or even your favourite cafe!

5) Loved ones are close by

Admittedly this reason for working from a garden office¬†is both a pro and con. You should never miss a family function, like your child or grandchild’s school play or parents evening, because your office is now at the bottom of the garden. However, family and friends don’t always know the boundaries so may expect you to help out with errands or will drop in for a chat. Make sure you set clear boundaries so that your work doesn’t become interrupted.

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