Flock to the Shepherds Hut

Sheperds Hut from Dunster House

Are you looking to add something different to your garden? A Garden Building that will not only give you a space to retreat the day to day madness of life but that will impress all of your friends and neighbours when they see it? Our Shepherds Hut is a combination of high quality materials and modern design, resulting in a unique space which can be used as an office, retreat, games room or anything else you can think of.

Flock to the Shepherds Hut

Emulating the original design, the Shepherds Hut features a curved roof. This roof is not simply for aesthetic purposes (although it does help) but, like the majority of our Log Cabins, the clever design means rain and snow simply drain off rather than pooling on the top and becoming stagnant – or worse – leaking through and damaging your equipment or furniture. The 60mm thick slow grown Spruce, which are delivered to you in pre-assembled panels for easy installation, feature polyurethane insulation.

Shepherds Hut Insulation

We choose polyurethane, rather than inferior insulation like rockwall or polystyrene, is that it is the best insulation available. It is approximately twice as effective as domestic loft insulation. So you can step inside a cosy cabin in the winter and a cooler cabin in the summer. To further insulate the Shepherds Hut from the elements, and ensure you are always comfortable, the uPVC windows and doors consist of 28mm double glazed units featuring two 4mm toughened glass panes and a 16mm spacer. This not only gives you added protection from the elements but, as toughened glass is less prone to scratches and breakages, it also protects you from costly repairs should an overexcited child kick a ball towards it.


Dunster House’s Shepherds Hut

We’ve taken every precaution to ensure your Log Cabin lasts. That is why the Shepherds Hut comes with pressure treated floor bearers as standard. Acting as your primary defence against the damp, insect ridden ground (both killers for timber overtime), we wanted to use a treatment that gave maximum protection at minimum effort to you. This is why we chose pressure treatment. By opting for this process, rather than inferior dip treatment, we can be sure that the preservative gets forced deep within the porous Spruce. We even go so far as to have a brown additive added during the treatment process. So your bearers are brown, a colour which compliments your garden much better than the natural green associated with pressure treatment. All of our pressure treated timber comes with a ten year guarantee against rot and fungal decay without the need to annually treat it.

Multiple Uses of a Shepherds Hut

Once you’ve built your Shepherds Hut, it’s time to fill it! Whether you are using it as an office or as a retreat you need to make sure that it is safe from unwanted visitors. The door to the Shepherds Hut features an industry leading 9 point locking system consisting of three roller cams, three hook bolts, two dead bolts and a latch for maximum protection. You can sleep soundly knowing your belongings are secure behind closed doors.

Shepherds Hut

Our Shepherds Hut starts from just £3,349.99. To order yours today, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you would prefer we call you, fill in our Contact us page and we will get back to you. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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October 18, 2016

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