Fully Glazed Greenhouse: Gardening without any obstructions

Greenhouse Dunster House

Greenhouse Dunster HouseThe fully glazed Greenhouse is outstanding for so many reasons.    4mm toughened glass runs for the entire length of the Greenhouse, including the roof, with the continuation only broken by the deep brown 45mm x 45mm Pressure Treated timber frame.

Our range of Fully Glazed Greenhouses are a must have necessity for a gardener of any level.  The 45mm x 45mm Pressure Treated timber frame provides the ideal support for the 4mm toughened glass panels that run the length of the greenhouse.  The full length glass allows the natural sunlight to fully flood the Greenhouse and gives your plants the optimum amount of sunlight to improve their growth and health.  Ideal if you want a vibrant garden all year round.

The door, which slides open rather than swings, provides you with the maximum amount of space within the Greenhouse without taking up excess space that you may not have in your garden.  The sliding door has a low step making the transportation of tools, wheelbarrows, plants and other gardening equipment easier.

StagingGreenhouse Dunster House

To make storage easier within the Greenhouse we have provided you with additional storage in the form of double storage.  The staging is placed on angled supports to ensure its stability whilst also creating the maximum amount of storage. It’s also placed strategically to give you both high and low storage.  The staging, which is placed on angled supports to ensure its stability whilst also creating the maximum amount of storage, allows you to position your plants in environments that are ideal for them to grow.

4mm Toughened Glass

Greenhouse Dunster HouseAs a Garden Building Company, we like to know that we are providing you with the highest quality product.  We have used 4mm toughened glass in our Greenhouse rather than the 3mm horticultural glass. A more common glass in today’s market.  This means you are protected against stray footballs, stones or bricks.  An experiment conducted by our Director Andy Murphy, compares our product to that of our competitors. It reinforces just how much pressure it can take.  In the rare occasion it does break, our glass will crumble instead of shattering. That makes it safer for all those concerned.

February 21, 2015

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