Construction as easy as building lego!

Construction Garage Dunster House

A lot of people find the idea of constructing their own Garden Building daunting. The complexities of building flat pack furniture are well known to anyone who has built an IKEA wardrobe! We do offer an installation service for those who feel that this is out of their remit but, for those who want to build their own, we make it as simple as possible. Here’s how the construction begins:

Construction Garage Dunster HouseYour building will come in parts, similar to any other flat pack furniture you buy, and there will be quite a lot of parts. Don’t let this deter you; it is simply because Garden Buildings require a lot of high quality timber. The timber will come pre-cut to size, we strongly recommend you go through and divide these into their respective piles i.e. sides, back, front, roof and bearers.

Before construction:

The first thing you need to do before construction is set out the bottom frame and bearers. The layout of these bearers can vary dependant on what Garden Building you have purchased, for the sake of this blog post we are focusing on the construction of a Dunster House Garage. The bearers for these are external meaning you need to start by laying out your bearers around the edge of your garage. As these are pressure treated they will protect your foundations from rot and insect infestation so they are vital to the stability of your product.

Step 1:

Construction Garage Dunster House

Once the bearers are in place, it is time to start building your Garage. We want to make this as easy as possible for you so we advise that you screw the half width panels supplied so that the notch hangs slightly over the edge of the bearer and the flat end is positioned where the door will be. Ensure that you pre drill the holes to avoid the log splitting and that it is flush against the bearer when you secure it. Once these are in place, you will be able to slot the pieces into place and make sure that they sitting secure.

Step 2

Once you have 4 or 5 logs in place, it is time to take a step back and make sure that your Log Cabin is sitting square. The best way to do this is measure diagonally from corner to corner. You need to make sure that these match. With only a few panes in place, you can move these to make them correct. If you wait any longer to check it, it will be too rigid to move and you will have to deconstruct. Once you have checked this, you can continue stacking them.

Step 3

Construction Garage Dunster HouseThanks to our innovative design, the windows and doors simply slot into place. Once you have you timber in line with the top on the door or window frame, it’s time to slot these in and secure them with the internal beading provided. Our instructions will make this quick and simple.  You can carry on stacking logs until you are complete, there shouldn’t be many more.


You are Done!

Once the main part of your Garage is complete, it is now time to secure the roof, this is a little trickier than the main part but it is still relatively easy. First you need to attach the apex to the front and back of the Garage and attach your storm braces to ensure that the top and bottom sections are secure. After finish, you are going to have to secure the thick 140mm x 45mm roof beams on. This gives you strong support once you place the roof timbers on. These will also prevent the roof from sagging.

Construction Garage Dunster House

Once the roof beams are in place a secure, you can start to secure the roof timber in place. These are similar to the main building of the Garage as they are tongue and groove timber making positioning and securing easier. If you have opted for our shingles or felt then now is the time to place it on your Garage before finishing off by placing the fascia boards and decorative trapezoids in place.

March 7, 2015

  • I would like a quote for a wooden garage/workshop 20′ x 10′ with a shingle roof please .
    Thank you .
    Paul Cutting.

    • Hi Paul,

      We have such a large variation of products that I personally wouldn’t know where to start. There are two ways in which you can get a quote for your Garden Building.

      1) I would strongly advise for you to talk to our sales team on 01234 272 445. They have extensive knowledge of our Garden Buildings and will be able to help you find your dream cabin. Alternatively, I can get them to call you, I would just need a few contact details such as your email, postcode and phone number.

      2) Visit our website,, there is a filter on the left hand side. This lets you filter your results through size, preference, budget etc

      Thank you

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