Constantly struggling to find a parking space outside your house? Parking your car shouldn’t be this much of a chore!

At Dunster House, we don’t disappoint with our range of attractive and beautifully constructed garages to provide you with an ideal place to house your car(s). Whether your family car helps allow you to maintain a fast, hectic lifestyle or you are boy racer who treats his car with kid gloves, our garages will keep your prized possession from turning into a rust bucket!

Made from 19mm sturdy tongue and groove timber and double glazed windows, every effort has been made to help your car avoid the British weather and keep it in tip-top condition! Alternatively, why not use your new found room as a way of extending your house? But the advantages don’t stop there! Not only is it less stressful and considerably cheaper than a concrete garage, you can even dismantle and take it with you should you decide to move house!

We have also branched out with our Tandem, Grande and Double range which are suitable for large families or customers with an expanding collection of cars, providing that your collection doesn’t consist of tanks or other large vehicles.

You live in a nice house, so why not treat your car to some luxury with a Dunster House garage?