Garden Building Showrooms make us as transparent as our windows!

Garden Building Dunster House

Garden Building Dunster HouseWe take pride in our products, each one made with the same dedication and precision as the first so we can ensure you get the best products everytime.  We want to guarantee that our customers are getting everything that they wanted out of us.

Naturally we looked at the competitors on the market to see what we were up against. We were shocked to find that a few of our competitors like to go to their customer’s home. They go to measure up and provide people with a quote for their Garden Building. We, as a Company, decided that this is not something that we would do.

We prefer not to inconvenience our customers by requesting they take time out of their busy schedule. You can buy our Garden Buildings online. Or, if you would like to come a physically see our products, you can come and visit one of our four show gardens in the UK.

Our garden building showroom

Garden Building Dunster HouseOur show garden contains a multitude of different Garden Buildings which are built by our installation team. There are no tricks. We simply know that once you look at our Garden Buildings you will know that there is nowhere else you would rather be.

Just a quick glance will show you why we are the UKs leading premiere Garden Buildings Company. It’s  something we are very proud of! Due to the multitude of Garden Buildings that we sell, we cannot show you every single product. However, you are able to get a clear idea of what our products are like.

In addition to our show garden we have a prototype room within our warehouse here at Bedford. This is where we store all our prototype releases or stock that we are going to launch imminently. If you ask nicely we will show you around this room when you come and visit us.

These are dressed Garden Buildings and Structures to help you imagine them in your home. You will also hear the sounds of tools and equipment as, in a bid to improve and develop as a company; we are consistently constructing products in the warehouse. We like to build our products, test them, critic and improve them all before we show them to anyone.

In a further bid to get to know our customers, we use our social media pages to keep in contact with you and answer any questions you may have. Of Garden Building Dunster Housecourse, we would love for you to buy our Garden Buildings but, more importantly, we want to know you.


We are not one of them Companies that have nothing to do with you once the purchase is complete. We stay in contact with you and encourage you to send your pictures and stories to us. We even run competitions such as GBGR Lets Celebrate where you can win prizes simply for sending your pictures in to us.

If you have any questions for us, simply comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you already own one of our Garden Buildings and want to enter our GBGR Lets Celebrate competition, visit – good luck!

February 26, 2015

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