A Garden Office that became so much more

Garden Office Dunster House

Garden Office Dunster HouseWhen helicopter pilot Chris Shirt made the decision to invest in a garden building, it was with the simple intention of creating an office. One year on, the space has become so much more than that.

Here’s the story of how Chris transformed our Lienne Garden Office 5.1m x 3.9m into the perfect space for work and play.

Garden Office Dunster HouseA place for ‘work junk’

The original motivation for the purchase was a lack of space for Chris’ ‘work junk’ in the house. He therefore intended to build a study, to provide him with a quite office environment, as well as storage space for his belongings.

However, as with many garden building projects, Chris got bitten by the design bug and “kept having more ideas.”                                   

Choosing a Dunster House garden building

Chris decided to buy his garden office with Dunster House due to the exceptional quality of our service, right from the start. “(Dunster House was) well-advertised, (had a) good website and, unlike another supplier, you kept in touch.”

As there were no problems, Chis had little need to contact our customer service team. However, he was still impressed by the entire process. “I have to say the product is excellent, delivery was on time and helpful (and) after sales, so far, also good.”

Garden Office Dunster HouseCreating a space for work and play

The entire build was completed in two weeks, with it taking just another two weeks to finish the modification process. Although the construction ran smoothly, Chris did admit that he sometimes struggled with heading out into the cold during his leisure time: “It was not an unpleasant build, but I got frustrated building it in time off.” Consequently, if he was ever to repeat the process, he would make sure to start in spring or opt for our installations service.

“Definitely developed in construction,” said Chris about the gradual design process of his garden office. The finished product became so much more than just a space to work in, with a cosy seating area, electric fire, sound system and flat screen TV – perfect for social gatherings or simply relaxing on a cold winter evening.

Garden Office Dunster House


Everything that was wanted and more

So, what was Chris’ favourite aspect of the project? “The fact that it ended up everything I wanted, plus more,” he said.

Indeed, the space has been a huge success with friends and family. “Everyone who has seen it seems suitably impressed; a work colleague even used it for a ground school course!”

In the future, Chris is hoping to build decking on both sides of the office and, if he has his way, install a hot tub – “but that’s unlikely,” he jokes.

When asked if he would work with Dunster House again, he replied: “yes, but hopefully not for quite a long time!”

October 7, 2014

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