Make your garden come alive with wildlife!


You may have established from our DIY projects page that we adore wildlife and always encourage you to make your garden a haven for them. Wildlife can teach you, and your children, a lot about nature, life and death all whilst encouraging your garden to bloom to its full potential.

Whilst the weather is still nice and warm, there are sporadic moments where the weather can be a little unpredictable. In these times you’ll seek shelter, as we all do, but have you thought of retreating into one of our summerhouses and watching your garden come alive in a way you’ve not seen before.

Birds, frogs, slugs, hedgehogs and a multitude of other critters will come out at night seeking food and warmth. With a few simple changes to your garden, you can encourage wildlife into your garden making rainy day boredom a thing of the past.

Climbing plants such as Ivy, honeysuckle or rose bushes help provide shelter and breeding sites for birds, along with providing crucial shelter for animals on the ground to hibernate or simply rest. If you plant a shrub or hedge in front of your climbing plants then you will encourage weasels, voles and wood mice into your garden. If you place some food down, you can encourage them to come out into the garden.

Hedges such as holly, blackthorn and guilder rose will not only attract a wide range of insects but will also provide food for wandering mammals and birds. You can intersperse flowers such as violets at the base to attract the nectar loving insects.


Trees not only provide shelter for wildlife, but they can provide crucial food for foxes, deers and other rare wildlife. You can sitGarden come alive with wildlife safely in your summerhouse, the long windows providing you with excellent views, and watch the animals without the fear of startling them. It doesn’t have to be a big tree, something small such as crab apple or hazel will thrive in the smallest of space. You can even grow a tree in a large container, rather than the garden if you would prefer.

If you, and your children, are able to sit quietly when needed then our arbour selection can be an ideal viewing point. With its trellised panels, you can grow climbing plants, encouraging animals to come within touching distance.

A simple look at our DIY pages will show you the various animal shelters you can make. These will not only encourage animals into your garden but, dependent on the design, will provide you and your children with a clear view of the animals in their natural habitat. This can prove to be both educational and fun for all.
The compost heap we mentioned yesterday provides a brilliant shelter for animals such as hedgehogs to stay, feeling comfortable and warm.
Garden come alive with wildlifeWe are not only referring to the above ground shelter, but simple tasks like building a pond, can provide shelter for a whole range of amphibians while enticing birds into your garden.

Much of the wildlife that will come looking for shelter will be skittish as they are aware of predators. They will need to feel completely secure before coming out into the open; the garden will need to be silent. By sitting in one of our summerhouses, you will not only remain warm as the sun goes down, but any sounds made will be stifled. You can interact with your family, making the wait more interesting for children.


Have you caught any images of wildlife in your garden? We want to know. Email them to or place them in the comments below.

October 1, 2014

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