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Gardening Dunster House

Gardening is not always easy. After you have dug, planted, moved, inspected and performed basic garden maintenance you normally have damp knees and aching muscles. It is like a full exercise routine, in fact, if you spend a minimum of five hours a week gardening you can burn over 700 calories – who needs the gym!

Truggy Wug and Raised Beds for gardening

Gardening Dunster HouseKeeping up the momentum of gardening can be difficult for those with mobility problems or those who suffer with constant back problems. Our range of Truggy Wugs and Chunky Wood Raised Beds are designed to prevent this from happening. They make gardening easier for those who need a little help.  It can be used to grow plants, fruits, vegetables or salads so is as effective as a full sized garden. Although you cannot grow the same large quantity in one go.

Both the TruggyWug MKII and ChunkyWood Raised Beds are made from heavy duty, pressure treated timber panels. They guarantee their sturdiness when filled with soil. The pressure treatment, which results in the products being a stylish brown colour due to the additive we add during the pressure treating process, protects them against rot and insect infestation for up to ten years which is ideal in an environment where a variety of different critters and creepy crawlies are trying to munch on your plants.

In addition to creating a modern and stylish focal point to your garden, there are a multitude of benefits of planting in a raised bed rather than in the ground. An important benefit is manageability. The idea of transforming a huge space such as your garden can be very daunting, often deterring you before you have even begun.  With a raised bed or TruggyWug you can divide your garden into small manageable sections that culminate into a beautiful garden. Don’t like the final look? Simply start again and move the ChunkyWood or TruggyWug around. Simple.

Space Saving

Another benefit of the TruggyWug is how space saving it is – a must have if you live in a flat. In a society where space is becoming a big issue within homes, people are becoming more creative with where they create gardens. Window ledges, fire escapes and even kitchen walls are being turned into full functioning gardens. A TruggyWug lets you have a mobile garden which you can move if needed, why not place it on your flat terrace to have a small garden that gives you enough room to have a seating area as well.

Gardening Dunster HouseYour investment will quickly be returned to you as you save money on pesticides and replacing plants or vegetables that have died due to pests munching, too much sun or too much water (plants can drown, who knew?). Both the TruggyWug and the ChunkyWood raised bed ensures you know exactly how much soil you have. Meaning there is less risk of over watering it.


The final benefit we will mention here (there are a multitude on my previous blog post here) is the freedom that a TruggyWugg or ChunkyWood raised bed brings. You don’t have to check the soil. Only grow the plants that thrive in that environment as you can choose the soil. Plants that conventionally do not grow in specific areas of the country will be a thing of the past. You will become the envy of all your green fingered friends.

Did you know? Kale grows very slowly in the south of England but fast in the North

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January 17, 2015

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