Gazebo Gives A Little Quiet In The Chaos!

Gazebo Dunster House

Take a breath and enjoy the moment

Do you ever stop and simply take a breath?  Although many of you work the normal 40 hour week, this isn’t quite where it ends is it? You finish work and then have to travel home, clean, cook, catch up on non-work related tasks (especially if you volunteer, have a second job or a hobby that requires deadlines) before helping the children with their homework etc.  Amongst the chaos that ensues when running your own home, it can be easy to forget that you sometimes need a rest.

Gazebo Dunster HouseYou could buy one of our Log Cabins which can sit at the end of your garden and be overtaken by children coming in with their friends after school. Alternatively, you could purchase a little Summerhouse but everyone who sees it will want to sit inside it so again you won’t get any peace.  Don’t be disheartened though, we have found a solution to your problem: the Oval Otteridge Gazebo.

Oval Otteridge Gazebo

The stunning garden structure combines the large, airy space of a Gazebo with the shelter provided by a Log Cabin. When people think of Gazebos, they often think of temporary structures that are good for protection against the elements but are rarely high quality unless you are willing to pay through the nose for it. Our Oval Gazebo is made from slow grown spruce timber which, if treated to instructions, will be long-lasting and a great talking point for your neighbours.

Make your own shelter

In your rare downtime; we often want to get into our ‘slobs’, the clothes that are comfortable but not exactly flattering. The problem is that most of us do not want to be seen without the protection of suave clothes, perfect make up and looking anything far from perfect. We have thought about this too. (I don’t always want my neighbour to see my extremely comfortable, yet not really age appropriate, Harry Potter pyjamas). Our Gazebos come with three full height timber panels towards the back. Now, thanks to the Garden Building being less than 2.5m, you can place these walls up towards the wall that ruins your picturesque garden. You can also turn it towards your neighbour’s garden so you have some privacy when unwinding. It helps you to make the most of the garden you have worked so hard on.

Gazebo Dunster House

Gazebo according to your preferences 

At W3.2m x D2.5m, this Gazebo is big enough for you to customise dependent on your likes and preferences. Maybe you simply want some seating and a table to hold books, nibbles and drinks. Alternatively, you may want to place a hot tub (pictured) with the Gazebo to sink into at the end of the day or just enjoy the heatwave we are expecting this summer (hopefully) and create your own personal haven. The front of the Gazebo is open except for half height decorative balustrades. You can choose to keep these clear and open or you can surround them with glorious flowers that fill the air with amazing scents. Whatever you choose, you have plenty of room to play with. We are always amazed at the designs you come up with.

Roof protection

We know that the weather can be temperamental at times and we go through a multitude of weather conditions daily. That is why the roof protection is a must. Consider adding attractive high grade Bitumen rectangle shingles which come in a choice of three attractive colours; red, green or black. We also offer the option of high grade fibre glass based Bitumen hexagonal shingles which come in black. If this option doesn’t fit with your garden plans, do no worry. We have the durable alternative of super felt or our lower cost roofing felt.

May 28, 2015

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